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Sumatra Cigars

Sumatra cigars are rolled with wrapper leaves grown in the Indonesian nation of Sumatra. A Sumatra cigar can also be made with a Sumatra-seed wrapper grown in other countries, most commonly Ecuador, in which case the cigar is often cited as Ecuador Sumatra. Cigars that feature a Sumatra wrapper grown in Indonesia versus an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper produce distinct flavors as a result of regional soil and climate differences. Sumatra wrappers grown in Ecuador are used in many premium, handcrafted blends and often offer a rich, hearty profile. Sumatra cigar wrappers grown in Indonesia are milder by contrast and are utilized on a wide array of famous handmade blends, as well as bundle and bargain cigars. Browse our deep variety of popular Sumatra blends. 

  • Argyle Fumas

    Argyle Fumas

    Price Per Cigar:
    $0.99 - $1.49
    37 Reviews
  • Ashton VSG

    Ashton VSG

    Price Per Cigar:
    $8.99 - $14.80
    5 Reviews
  • Bauza


    Price Per Cigar:
    $4.39 - $9.90