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How Much Should I Spend on My First Cigar?

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Shane K.

For your first cigar, we recommend spending anywhere between $5 and $15. You can get a great smoke in that price range. Thousands of top-rated cigars cost under fifteen bucks. When you step foot in a premium cigar store for the first time and you’re considering what to buy, cigar prices inevitably influence your decision, in addition to other important details like what brand, size, and strength. We’ve got the best tips for new cigar smokers, and here’s some advice on how much you should spend.

Smoke a Premium Handmade Cigar

Regardless of the price, invest in a premium handmade blend for your first cigar, and choose a reputable brand. Ashton Magnum ($11.20), Arturo Fuente Gran Reserva 8-5-8 ($7.25), La Aroma de Cuba Connecticut Rothschild ($6.25), and Macanudo Café Hyde Park ($9.99) are approachable cigars you can buy for a great value, and they’re all made by hand from high-quality tobaccos.

You can find cheap machine-made cigars almost everywhere cigars are sold, including gas stations and convenience stores, but smoking a Black & Mild won’t compare to smoking a premium blend. Premium cigars, by definition, are handcrafted from one hundred percent long-filler tobaccos. There are big differences in quality and taste between machine-made versus handmade cigars. Because premium cigars are humidified, they will burn slower and offer much greater complexity in flavor and aroma than machine-made cigars, which are made of homogenized dry-cured tobacco.

Your First Cigar Should Be Casual

You will be more satisfied with your purchase if your first cigar is casual. Don’t blow all your Benjamins on an exclusive and rare smoke you should save for a special occasion. And don’t wait for an important special occasion to smoke your first cigar.

Smoke casually with a good friend. It takes practice to cut and light a cigar and learn how to smoke it properly. Visit a cigar store with a lounge and cigar professionals who can answer any questions you might have. You don’t want the pressure of smoking your first cigar in a formal environment where you’re trying to impress your boss or your girlfriend’s dad. Once you’ve mastered some basic cigar-smoking etiquette, you’ll be ready to spend more on a high-end smoke.

Great Cigars for Every Budget

Check out our list of the top 10 cigars to buy on budget. Almost all cigar-makers who produce value-priced cigars make rare and pricier cigars in their respective portfolios. New cigar lovers often wonder if expensive cigars are better. When you spend more money on a cigar, chances are good you’re buying a hard-to-find blend, or an intricate size that only a few rollers at the factory are qualified to produce. Coveted finds like Fuente Fuente Opus X BBMF soar well into the hundreds of dollars for one cigar. Start with the introductory blends a cigar-maker is known for and work your way up before you splurge on a bucket-list cigar.

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