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How to Change a Flint in a Lighter

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Shane K.

Flick. Flick, flick, flick. Your lighter isn’t firing up even though you just filled the tank. Is there a problem with the butane or liquid fuel? No. The rare occasion when you have to replace your flint has arrived. For most folks this happens once every year or two. Keep in mind – if your lighter doesn’t have a flint, like most high-performance torch lighters, you can stop reading. Zippos are the most common flint-style lighters. Many cigar lovers also carry high-end flint-style butane lighters from brands like S.T. Dupont and Dunhill. Xikar and Colibri also manufacture a handful of butane flint lighters. Replacing a flint is easy, but it can be tedious because flints are small and require patience to replace. Here is the procedure to replace a flint for three common brands.

Replacing a Zippo Flint

  1. Remove the interior of the lighter from the chassis.
  2. Unscrew the flathead screw at the bottom of the lighter, but hold onto the head of the screw tightly because it is spring loaded and will shoot out.
  3. When the screw and the spring are removed from the flint chamber, spin the flint wheel to ensure there are no slivers of the old flint stuck under the flint wheel (it should spin freely).
  4. Hold the interior of the lighter upside down and drop a new Zippo flint into the chamber.
  5. Return the spring to the chamber and gently screw it back in. Slight pressure is required because a new flint creates more tension on the spring.
  6. Strike the flint wheel and the lighter will light.

Replacing an S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Flint

  1. Open the lid. Near the lid’s hinge on the side is a small pin. Push it down with your fingernail to release the slide bar. It will release the pressure from the flint wheel.
  2. Remove the slide bar by gently pushing it backwards and lifting it from its channel.
  3. Remove the spare flint from the compartment under the slide bar, but be careful not to lose the flint wheel if you turn the lighter upside down.
  4. Place the new flint in the chamber next to the flint wheel.
  5. Return the slide bar to its channel and gently push it forward until the pin pops back up to lock it in place.
  6. Flick the roll-bar and the lighter will light.

Replacing a Dunhill Rollagas Flint

  1. Dunhill lighters require either a Red or a Blue Dunhill flint. Make sure you’ve got the correct version for your lighter because they are different sizes and are not interchangeable. Dunhill Rollagas models require the Red version.
  2. Open the lid.
  3. Push back the flint slide and the flint chamber will pop open. 
  4. Shake or tap the used flint out of the chamber.
  5. Insert the new Dunhill flint in the flint chamber.
  6. Return the flint chamber to its original position.
  7. Flick the roll-bar and your lighter will light.

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