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Cigar 101

How to Put Out a Cigar

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Shane K.

Putting out a cigar is a simple enough process. But if you know any newbie cigar lovers, you’ve probably seen this done the wrong way on more than one occasion. We’ve already gone over how to smoke a cigar and the proper way to ash your cigar. When you get to the end of your next smoke, here are a few useful tips for how to put out a cigar. Buying one of the best cigar ashtrays for your favorite smoking room is just the first step.

Remove the Band

First, if you haven’t already taken the band off your cigar, it’s a good idea to remove it. You don’t want the band to continue to burn in the ashtray when you’re done with your cigar. Take the band off and discard it outside of the ashtray. That way, the band can’t smolder and emit an unpleasant scent in the room – especially if other people are smoking with you.

Don’t Grind Out Your Cigar

Be patient. When the band is off, simply let your cigar rest in the center of the ashtray and it will expire gracefully. You don’t have to grind your cigar butt out like a cigarette. Spent cigars turn into a smoldering mess and produce an unwanted aroma when they are smashed out unnecessarily. Because premium cigars are made from humidified tobacco, they burn out naturally after a few minutes.

Make Sure Your Cigar is Out Before You Leave

Make sure your cigar isn’t resting on the edge of an ashtray where it could roll off onto a table or the floor. Place your cigar into the center of the ashtray. And, make sure your cigar is out before you leave the premises. Because a cigar can burn for a few minutes after you set it down, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make sure your cigar butt has cooled completely before you leave. And, if you clean your ashtray when you’re finished smoking, make sure all of the cigars are out before you toss the ashes and the cigar butts into the trash.

Do Not Toss Your Cigar Butt

If you’re smoking outside, don’t toss your cigar butt. Even if you’re confident your cigar is out, there could be a portion of the binder or filler that is still lit on the inside. You don’t want your cigar to land on any incendiary liquids or materials by tossing it haphazardly over a fence or into a parking lot, for example. It’s also a bad idea to toss your cigar out of the car window when you’re driving. You don’t want your cigar butt to land on another driver’s car.

You Can Dip Your Cigar in Water

If you’re in a hurry, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Simply dip the lit end of your cigar in a glass of water or run it under a faucet to fully extinguish it fast – or even flush it in the bathroom. When you extinguish your cigar correctly, you don’t have to worry about a stream of firetrucks showing up later to put the flames out for you.

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