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The Top 10 Cigar Ashtrays

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Shane K.

A nice ashtray is essential. An ashtray is more than functional – it’s a centerpiece for your favorite smoking room and an invitation for others to share a cigar with you. Why settle for a generic, beat-up plastic ashtray when you’re smoking a nice a cigar? Enhance the experience with a colorful, eye-catching ashtray. Here’s a few to catch your attention.

1. Ashton Oval Crystal Ashtray

Here is a classic ashtray from one of today’s leading brands. And, it’s a throwback to the Cigar Boom era of the 1990s with an image from a popular Ashton advertisement. The nicely weighted shape boasts two cigar rests, perfect for an intimate occasion to smoke a cigar with a good friend. Foam padding on the underside prevents scratches wherever you set it down.


Shop Ashton Oval Crystal Ashtray

2. Arturo Fuente ‘Journey Through Time’ Ashtray

The ‘Journey Through Time’ Ashtray from Arturo Fuente resonates with ornate, symbolic detail that traces the legendary heritage of the Fuente family, the founders and owners of one of today’s most celebrated cigar brands. The deep ceramic finish features four shiny cigar rests, intricate brand logos, and a portrait of Carlos Fuente Sr. with Carlito Fuente in the dish. Choose from a trio of vibrant colors, but be patient if your favorite is sold out – we always have more on order.


Shop Arturo Fuente Journey Through Time Ashtray

3. La Aroma de Cuba White Ceramic Ashtray

This classy white ceramic ashtray is impossible to miss when you set it out on your coffee table. La Aroma de Cuba is a historic Cuban-legacy brand that was once a favorite of Winston Churchill. It’s easy to fire up your favorite cigars with friends when you’ve got four cigar rests and a deep ash dish to accommodate your next poker night. Fans of this award-winning brand also dig the navy blue finish and the colorful oval crystal ashtray with the iconic La Aroma de Cuba logo in elaborate detail.


Shop La Aroma de Cuba White Ceramic Ashtray

4. Ashton Ice Carved Crystal Ashtray

When you’re in search of a more formal ashtray, the Ice Carved Crystal edition from Ashton fits the bill. This crisp, elegant profile features a frosted top edge with two cigar rests, an ultra-clear ash dish, and perfectly curved corners. Each ashtray comes with four see-through adhesive rubber feet to prevent unwanted scratches. Fans of this world-renowned brand can also consider the Ashton Black Ashtray and Ashton White Ashtray in a traditional ceramic finish.


Ashton Ice Carved Crystal Ashtray

5. San Cristobal Square Ashtray

The San Cristobal brand is blended by legendary cigar-maker Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia in Esteli, Nicaragua. The tropical and vivid San Cristobal logo adorns the center of this gorgeous ceramic ashtray with a generous dish and a wide edge with four cigar rests. The San Cristobal Oval Crystal Ashtray shows off the same logo in a classic crystal finish with two cigar rests.


Shop San Cristobal Square Ashtray

6. Nub Square Ashtray

The extra-thick edge and wide cigar rests of the Nub Square Ashtray are designed to cradle the short fat dimensions of Nub cigars. The brand’s black and red logo pops out against the soft white ceramic finish. You can also consider the Nub Square 4-Finger Ashtray in a durable melamine material if you’re looking for an unbreakable ashtray for outside on the picnic table.


Shop Nub Square Ashtray

7. Oliva Square 4-Finger Ashtray

Oliva is a leading brand with dozens of top-rated cigars in its portfolio, and this instantly recognizable 4-finger ashtray is great for indoor and outdoor use. The shiny brown finish is molded from melamine which is a virtually indestructible, heavy-duty plastic that won’t break when dropped, and it’s easy to clean.


Shop Oliva Square 4-Finger Ashtray

8. Perdomo Ceramic Ashtray

Because Perdomo fans are ultra-loyal, brand founder Nick Perdomo created a classy ceramic ashtray decorated with brand logos from top to bottom. Set your cigar in one of four shimmering cigar rests, and tap the ash off into a deep dish. Your pals will gladly enjoy a Perdomo with you. Consider picking up a durable melamine version, too, the Perdomo Square 4-Finger Astray, which is ideal for outdoor use.


Shop Perdomo Ceramic Ashtray

9. AJ Fernandez Enclave Ashtray

Cigar-maker AJ Fernandez makes some of the hottest Nicaraguan brands today. The unique rectangular shape and tall sides of this ashtray stand out with its light-blue finish and the intricate detail in the Enclave logo. And, it’s made of an ultra-durable melamine material which is easy to clean and won’t take any hurt if you’re using it outdoors. AJ fans can also consider the Bellas Artes Ashtray in a bright white melamine finish.


Shop AJ Fernandez Enclave Ashtray

10. Stinky Ashtray

We can’t leave out the ultimate ashtray for a cigar herf. The Stinky Ashtray is lightweight, durable, and designed to hold the cigar butts of an entire crowd. Set one in every corner of your man cave when you’re hosting a poker night or watching a big game with your buddies.


Shop Stinky Ashtray

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