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Our Favorite Unique & Cool Cigar Ashtrays

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Shane K.

No man cave is complete without a good cigar ashtray. But the best cigar ashtrays are much more than a substitute for an empty beer can. The right ashtray is a centerpiece on your coffee table and a beacon for your buddies to gather round while you fire up your favorite smokes. An ashtray is often at the heart of poker night with your pals, and there is gravity in the role it plays. A quality ashtray is the root from which camaraderie stems. And, it cradles and protects your precious cigars in between puffs.

Today, some ashtrays are considered collectible works of art. We’re not suggesting you cool your cigar butt over the face of the Mona Lisa, but here’s a look at some of the coolest cigar ashtrays you can get your hands on.

Crystal Ashtrays

A handful of classic cigar brands manufacture oval crystal ashtrays, often with a brand logo or an image in the ash dish. The Ashton Oval Crystal Ashtray revives a vintage ad from the brand’s early Cigar Boom-era days. Dress up your desk or countertop with the classy design. Two cigar rests create the perfect occasion to kick back and reminisce with a pal over your favorite cigars.

The La Aroma de Cuba Oval Crystal Ashtray is designed in an identical shape, featuring a pair of sitting damsels rendered in vivid detail in the brand’s historic Cuban-legacy logo. The blissful depiction of San Cristobal’s iconic parrot in a tropical paradise is also a wildly popular ashtray. Decide which color scheme matches your man cave best and impress cigar-loving guests with a brilliant crystal ashtray. A foam underside protects your surfaces from unwanted scratches.

Arturo Fuente ‘Journey Through Time’ Ashtray

The legacy of the legendary Fuente family is on full display in the Arturo Fuente ‘Journey Through Time’ Ashtray. A classic image of celebrated cigar-makers Carlito Fuente and his father, Carlos Sr., adorns the center with an exotic depiction of a female native. The family’s official moto, “We will never rush the hands of time” rings the upper rim. Four polished brass cigar rests welcome your friends to fire up their favorite Fuente cigars in your company. The ashtray’s generous dimensions and classic imagery promise your pals will notice the second you put it out on the coffee table. The hardest part is choosing between the creamy white, deep red, green, or black ceramic finishes.

Ceramic Ashtrays

Ceramic ashtrays have been popular for decades. Show off your allegiance to your favorite cigars with a branded ceramic ashtray. Shop a big selection of rounded or square designs from Ashton in black or white, La Aroma de Cuba in red or blue, San Cristobal, Oliva, Nub, Rocky Patel, and more.

Stinky Ashtrays

Accommodate an entire army of pals with the iconic Stinky Ashtray. For years, Stinky Ashtrays have been the official ashtray of cigar herfs. The classic size boasts four cigar rests, while the oversized edition is deep enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool with water. Well, maybe not that big, but you get the picture. The durable stainless steel finish cleans easily and is sturdy without being too heavy. Call your pals to help you fill it up today.

Tatuaje Stash Ashtray

The Tatuaje Stash Ashtray is innovative and clever. Its all-black gothic motif and deep ash dish inspire curiosity. The heavy-duty melamine material conceals a convenient compartment where you can ‘stash’ your matches, cutters, and lighters for safekeeping. Celebrate your love for small-batch Tatuaje cigars with a truly unique ashtray.

Xikar Burnout Ashtray

Modeled after the rim on a hotrod, the Xikar Burnout Ashtray is designed with plenty of cigar parking with its oversized ash dish in case your pals create a traffic jam down in your man cave. A sturdy chrome frame lifts off the top for easy cleaning. Rivets in the design prevent your smokes from rolling around in unwanted directions.

Outdoor Ashtrays

You can find outdoor ashtrays in glass, ceramic, and chrome finishes, but the best are made from melamine – a heavy-duty plastic that can take a beating and is unlikely to break if it bounces off the picnic table onto the cement. Shop a number of 2-finger, 4-finger, and bigger editions from Argyle, My Father, Old Henry, Rocky Patel Mulligans, Romeo y Julieta, and our very own Holt’s ashtray.

Car Ashtrays

Last but not least, we can’t leave the open-road out of the equation. The Xikar Ash Can is more functional than ornamental, but it should be – it’s keeping the ashes contained inside your car instead of letting them fly into your face and scatter across the seats. The Ash Can conveniently fits in a standard cup holder and can secure your cigar with an interior spiral when you need to set it down. The slide-on lid prevents spilling and is easy to twist on and remove.

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