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Can You Store Cigars in the Fridge?

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Shane K.

No, you cannot store cigars in a refrigerator. There are plenty of ways to store cigars without a humidor, but the refrigerator isn’t on the list. Nine out of ten times, putting cigars in the fridge is a rookie mistake. Or someone received a box of cigars as a gift, and, mistakenly, he or she believes the best place to keep them fresh is the refrigerator. Following are the reasons why you never want to store your cigars in the refrigerator.

Refrigeration Dries Cigars Out

Premium cigars should be stored between 65-70% RH (relative humidity) and 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. A refrigerator is too cold and too dry to store cigars, and your cigars will dry out and fall apart when you smoke them if you put them inside. If you’re saving up to invest in a quality cigar humidor, consider temporary affordable options like a humidor bag, but don’t put your cigars in the refrigerator thinking they’re better off.

Don’t be misled by the terms “coolerdor” or “coolidor.” There are tons of aficionados who convert beer and ice coolers into humidors, but there is no actual cooling involved. Coolers that are used to keep cigars fresh are kept at room temperature – between 65 and 70 degrees – and they’re equipped with a humidification source on the inside to ensure the cigars stay humidified.

Wine Fridge Humidors

You can store cigars in a wine fridge because the ideal conditions for aging wine are similar to those for aging cigars. However, most wine refrigerators must be converted to accommodate cigars. Cedar shelves and a humidification device are added, and in some cases the temperature threshold must be adjusted in a wine fridge because you should store cigars at slightly higher temperatures than wine.

Cigars Absorb What They’re Near

Cigars are like sponges, and they absorb the taste and scent of what’s next to them. That means your cigars will taste like cold pizza, onions, or any other items you’re storing in your refrigerator with them. Don’t expect the flavor of your cigars to improve in a refrigerator.

Freeze Cigars to Kill Cigar Beetles

One exception exists for putting your cigars in a refrigerator – and it’s only intended as a temporary solution. If you wind up with a case of cigar beetles in your humidor, the best way to kill them and to save your cigars is by freezing them. To do this correctly, you should store your cigars in the refrigerator for twelve to twenty-four hours before, and after, you transfer them to the freezer to eradicate the beetles. In this case, you’re gradually cooling your cigars, so they are not shocked by the sudden change in temperatures. Fluctuation in temperature and humidity causes cigars to expand and contract, which negatively impacts their integrity and can cause the wrapper leaves to crack. Cigar beetles are a rare and unfortunate occurrence, but they represent the only scenario that necessitates storing your cigars in a refrigerator.

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