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What Are Acid Cigars Infused With?

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Shane K.

Some cigar lovers love Acid cigars and others dismiss them because they possess exotic flavor and aroma. Regardless of your opinion, Acid cigars are popular because of their unorthodox taste. The sweet and fragrant profiles of Acid cigars have been credited with introducing scores of consumers to premium cigars who would otherwise maintain an aversion to them. Since its inception, the Acid brand has been touted as “The Rebirth of Cigars” by Drew Estate company founders Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel. The company began as a shoestring operation out of a kiosk in the World Trade Center in the late 1990s.

Acid cigars were an experiment at first. The trial and error that went into creating the many different blends that make up Acid today has paid handsome dividends. Drew and Samel erected a massive cigar factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, in the mid-2000s. The company’s portfolio grew to encompass several non-infused cigar lines as well. The brand was acquired by global tobacco giant Swisher International in 2014. Today, Jonathan Drew serves as President of Drew Estate and continues to steer its culture in an unconventional direction.

Infused Cigars vs. Flavored Cigars

Because premium cigar lovers aren’t always big fans of flavored cigars, Jonathan Drew is quick to portray the Acid brand as “infused,” not “flavored.” Most premium cigar aficionados frown up on flavored brands like Backwoods, Swisher Sweets, and Black & Mild because they are made by machine with low-quality tobaccos which have been sprayed with, or dipped in, a variety of artificial additives (i.e., honey, vanilla, cherry) to obscure the taste of the tobacco and deliver a sweet, scented flavor to the palate – a process which stands in direct contrast to the manufacture of traditional premium cigars. It’s not surprising, Drew Estate’s parent company, Swisher International, is among the biggest makers of inexpensive flavored cigars in the world.

Jonathan Drew emphasizes Acid cigars are made by hand from premium long-filler tobaccos which are infused with a wide range of botanical oils and extracts. The actual infusion process is a proprietary secret held by only a handful of individuals within the company.

Sweet Acid Cigars

The tobaccos in Acid cigars are hung in special “aroma rooms” at the Drew Estate factory for an extended period of time. The tobaccos are exposed to a select combination of botanical oils and extracts to achieve each blend. The infusion process takes place naturally over the course of months and is different from the way most sweet-tipped cigars are created, but you will still perceive a sugary taste on your lips as soon as you put an Acid cigar in your mouth. Following, we’ve outlined the key tasting elements that go into the bestselling Acid profiles.


Herbal notes of lavender and violets accompany velvety spices in a traditional 5 x 50 Robusto shape. The 1400 CC is encased in an elegant glass tube, which further concentrates the flavors of the blend as the cigars rest.


An exotic and milky profile of tea leaves, clove, lilac, and spices mirrors the classic Kuba Kuba taste in a smaller 4 x 38 format. Acid Blondie is the ultimate short cigar when you’re craving an infused blend.

Blondie Belicoso

Floral and buttery impressions unleash an ambrosial, plum-like sweetness with a touch of pepper in a gently sloping 5 x 54 Belicoso.

Blondie Maduro 

A darker and sweeter rendition of the original Blondie reveals an herbal and semi-fruity essence while notes of lavender, raisins, and spices gently layer the palate.

Cold Infusion Tea

Tasting notes of tea leaves and herbs culminate with a hints of earth, pepper, and a touch of licorice. An easygoing bouquet emerges in a consistent finish delivered in a classic 6.75 x 44 Corona.

Deep Dish

A thick and chunky 5 x 58 Gordo is box-pressed to unleash a cool-burning and fragrant smoke with notes of lilacs, herbs, spring flowers, spices, and cloves.


Dense notes of damp grass and pine mingle with a musty sweetness before a lingering finish is revealed in a 5 x 42 format.

Krush Tins Blue

A petit 4 x 32 profile reflects the bestselling Kuba Kuba blend with notes of cloves, herbs, lavender, and tea leaves in a tidy tin of 10 cigars.

Krush Tins Morado

A Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper enrobes an infused profile of lavender, herbs, and cloves in a tasteful but diminutive 4 x 32 format packaged in a convenient tin of 10 cigars.

Krush Tins Red

A Cameroon wrapper conceals a luscious amalgam of tobaccos infused with flavors of baking spices, tea, coffee beans, and pepper in an easy-to-smoke 4 x 32 shape. Each tin includes 10 small cigars.

Kuba Deluxe

Loads of classic Kuba Kuba flavors arrive in a 6 x 50 Toro in a tube. Notes of lilacs, tea leaves, and herbs accompany hints of clove with a creamy aroma from beginning to end.

Kuba Grande

The popular kaleidoscope of Kuba Kuba taste is amplified in a big 6 x 60 Gordo format. Notes of lilacs, lavender, pepper, tea, and cloves emerge in a sequence of big cool draws.

Kuba Kuba

Cloves, lavender, tea leaves, lilacs, and herbs contribute a luscious bouquet you can easily detect in the creamy flavor and aroma of Kuba Kuba. It has been the single bestselling Acid cigar for years.

Kuba Kuba Maduro

A profile of raisins, cloves, spices, and dark cocoa mingles in the original 5 x 54 Kuba Kuba shape, finished in a toothy Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.


A traditional 7 x 48 Churchill reveals a fragrant bouquet of fresh flowers, cocoa, spices, and sweetened nuts before a zesty finish arrives.


An exotic and eye-catching 5 x 21 shape is drafted in a wide and ultra-thin profile. Velvety notes of lavender, spices, tea, and cloves reflect classic Kuba Kuba taste in an original and unconventional format.

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