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Cigar Smoker Stereotypes

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Cigar smoking conjures all kinds of stereotypes, especially among people who don’t smoke them. Throughout history we find world leaders, authors, artists, humanitarians, and athletes among the most prominent cigar lovers. In Hollywood, cigar smokers have been portrayed as superheroes, spies, quick-witted comedians, CEOs, and, of course, hairy-chested gangsters. While there is some overlap between fact and fiction, the whole story is certainly not told. Let’s set the record straight by dispelling some common cigar smoker stereotypes.

Only Men Smoke Cigars

There’s no question male cigar lovers outnumber female smokers by a significant margin; still, there is no shortage of women who equally appreciate a good cigar. You’ll find wives and girlfriends who indulge with their significant others, as well as celebrities, business owners, professionals, and women from all walks of life who regularly smoke fine cigars.

Cigar Smokers Are Wealthy

A fat cat, clad in an Italian suit, leaning back in a leather executive chair with his feet up on the desk is a common image that comes to mind when we think of a quintessential cigar smoker. It’s no surprise doctors, lawyers, politicians, and CEOs love to smoke. Cigars are indulgent and sophisticated. You’ve got to have the money and time to smoke them.

But, there are a greater number of working class folks who smoke cigars. First responders, police officers, members of the military, mechanics, cooks, bartenders, truckers, and warehouse workers enjoy premium cigars just as much as the next guy. A cigar is the ultimate way to unwind on a day off, and you don’t have to be independently wealthy to appreciate the taste. Cigars also create an immediate bond between individuals from totally different backgrounds. Sharing a cigar with someone opens doors that no other experience can offer, and that’s why they’re enjoyed by such a diverse audience. 

Cigar Smokers Smoke Cigars Everywhere

When people find out you like cigars, they tend to imagine that your car is a mobile ashtray, every item you possess is engulfed in the smell of cigar smoke, and that you probably drift off to sleep with a cigar in your bed. Naturally, this conjecture is wholly inaccurate. If there’s one concept cigar lovers embrace, it’s moderation. That’s why they don’t smoke cigarettes. Cigar smokers enjoy cigars occasionally and often in specific settings, like their local cigar lounge or backyard, where they can smoke without offending anyone.

Cigar Smokers Are Unhealthy

It’s hard to argue the following luminaries passed away prematurely: George Burns, 100; Winston Churchill, 90; Fidel Castro, 90; Alfred Hitchcock, 80; Lee Iacocca, 94; and Milton Berle, 93 – to name a few. In addition to outliving most of their friends and family, these guys were prolific cigar smokers for decades. It wouldn’t surprise me if they drew their last breaths with a cigar perched between their lips.

On several occasions, Cigar Aficionado profiled Richard Overton, a WWII veteran and daily cigar smoker who passed away in 2018 at the tender age of 112. Overton was also the oldest man in America at the time of his death. Longevity, it seems, is on the side of cigar lovers.

Among the world’s most dominant athletes, you’ll find cigar smokers – and they smoked lots of cigars in the prime of their careers. Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, and Ray Lewis make up the tip of the iceberg. Cigar smoking is hardly a barrier to breaking records if you’re a professional athlete. The chiseled frame of a famous athlete forms a pretty stark contrast from the slow-moving, overweight fellow (with a cigar in one hand and a sausage in the other) whom you might picture when you imagine what a typical cigar smoker looks like.

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