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Do Cigars Help You Relax?

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Shane K.

Cigars help us relax. Have you ever paid attention to someone who’s smoking a cigar? Generally, you’ll find an individual who is content, contemplative, and unconcerned with any hustle and bustle taking place around them. Cigar smokers do much more than taste and smell their cigars when they’re smoking. They think. They organize their thoughts. They meditate and give their nerves a break by indulging in something pleasurable. They’re rarely in a hurry. Smoking a cigar is equivalent to stopping to smell the roses. When you need a moment to reflect or relish an accomplishment, a cigar is the ultimate stimulus.


You don’t inhale cigar smoke. So, unlike cigarettes which are designed to create a perpetual craving for nicotine, premium cigars are intended to soothe the senses with taste and aroma. We access the taste of a cigar by drawing the smoke into our palates, but we don’t draw it all the way into our diaphragms. Breathing in a measured capacity is critical to relaxation and stress reduction. Because you draw on a cigar gradually, your breathing is regulated and tends to be slower. Cigar lovers casually sit back while they smoke and decompress, as opposed to engaging in fast-paced, physical activities. 


Your attention is focused when you meditate. Fixating your thoughts on something is essential to clear your mind. Like watching a candle flicker or the clouds roll overhead, a lit cigar is an excellent target for your attention. Not only does the taste and aroma of a cigar mesmerize your senses, but its physical presence enchants while you hold it in your hand as silky wisps of smoke trail into the air. Smoking a cigar is a tranquil experience because cigars relax us.

Time Commitment

Most handmade cigars require thirty minutes or more to smoke. That means you’re committing to sitting down and setting aside a myriad of tasks that you can’t perform while you smoke a cigar. Smoking is like drawing a boundary around your time and forcing yourself to relax. Plus, you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a good cigar, and you want to enjoy every minute it lasts.


Another obvious reason cigars help us relax is that we consume them with our favorite libations. There is no shortage of bourbon, single malt, cognac, and cocktails to pair with a good cigar. Chilling out comes naturally when you pamper your palate with a vintage whiskey and a cigar at the end of a strenuous week. Cigars are the perfect companions for dozens of after-dinner drinks like coffee, rum, and port. Does that sound like a relaxing way to pass the time? Quit fiddling with your cell phone, and smoke a cigar to find out.

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