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How to Enjoy Smoking Cigars Alone

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Shane K.

Are you a loner and a rebel? If so, smoking alone is no big deal. However, most of us love to hang out with our buddies when we’re smoking cigars. In the pandemic era of social distancing, get-togethers have become fewer and further between than ever before. It’s tough to swap out a monthly poker night with your pals for a game of solitaire. When you find yourself smoking alone, fear not. Here are some helpful tips for enjoying cigars when you’re flying solo.

Listen to Music

Drop the needle on one of your favorite records when you fire up. I’m obsessed with music, so I can’t really imagine doing much without scrolling through some tunes. Smoking a cigar is an easy way to kick back and crank up your favorite playlist. And when you’re on your own, you don’t have to accommodate somebody else’s musical tastes. Nothing ruins a great cigar like the easy listening station when you’re a Led Zeppelin fan. You can monopolize the jukebox all day long when you smoke by yourself.

Crack a Good Book

Few pastimes complement one another as well as reading a book and smoking a cigar. Recline in your favorite armchair or the backyard hammock with an enchanting work of literature. Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling, and John Grisham represent just a few of the gifted authors we know and love who’ve never been shy over their love of fine cigars.

An intriguing novel is much like a premium cigar. Both require years of talent and skill to create. Both suspend our attention while we consume them. And both represent an entirely gratifying way to have passed the time when we reach the end. My suggestion is to light up something that lasts for at least a chapter or two, like an Ashton VSG Spellbound.

Watch a Movie

The infinite list of films and TV series you can access on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and dozens of other streaming services provides a perpetual opportunity to veg out on the couch – and smoke a cigar. There’s a good chance most of you have already seen our list of the best movies to watch while you smoke a cigar, but there is no shortage of alternatives. Pop some popcorn and pick out a deep ashtray for an unabridged binge of cigars and cinema. 

Catch Up on Texts and Emails

All the tweeting, posting, selfie-snapping, and texting we do these days requires concentration. Not that we want to devote more time to our devices, but smoking a cigar makes it easy to focus and crank through a backlog of emails and messages. Plus, we take for granted our time with others because we are so consumed by virtual communication these days. Get as much emailing and texting out of the way before you’re hanging out in someone’s physical presence again. That way you avoid appearing rude or distracted when you’re smoking with your buddies. Besides, efficiency skyrockets when no one is there tapping you on the shoulder while you’re typing an email. Take advantage of your solitude – and, the fact no one is complaining about your cigar.

Online Shopping

It’s tough to hit the “buy” button when someone is vying for your attention. Online shopping of all kinds requires concentration and decision-making. It’s also time-consuming. Light up a cigar and buy as much stuff as you can fit in the cart when no one is around. And don’t forget to incinerate the paper trail if you don’t want the Mrs. to know you just bought more cigars.

Take a Walk

Going for a walk is way underrated. When the weather is nice, it beats cowering down in the man cave or staring at your smartphone screen. Get outside, get some fresh air, and commune with nature while you smoke your cigar. Nothing could be more organic and it’s even more entertaining if you’re walking your dog.

Enjoy a Libation

Pairing a cigar with your favorite drink is an obvious way to maximize your alone time. Uncork a bottle of wine or pour a top-shelf bourbon or scotch. The possibilities are bottomless when you want to pair a good cigar with a complementary libation. Cheers!

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