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Now that we’re heading back into cigar-smoking season – i.e. golfing, boating, and backyard barbecuing weather – it’s time to get primed to smoke outside again, at least without shivering under a parka. Whether you’re a bona fide fan of the great outdoors or your pals just keep dragging you along for the ride, going camping is an ideal and sometimes overlooked occasion for firing up. Sitting around a campfire with a cooler full of cold beers and cracking jokes with your buddies out in the middle of the woods is the perfect setting to reflect with a premium cigar. If you’re headed to the frontier this season, here are a few quick tips if you plan to take your cigars camping.

Get a Durable Cigar Case

Cigars are prone to damage if they get tossed around too much, even if they’re still in the cellophane or a ziplock bag. A lot of bad things can happen to a premium cigar if it’s bouncing around in your backpack. Pick up a durable cigar case for traveling or consider a travel humidor. Xikar makes a sturdy travel case crafted from ABS-molded, crushproof plastic. You can accommodate 5, 10, or 15 cigars. The interior is padded with a protective foam and the heavy duty latches guarantee moisture won’t be getting in or out. Throw a Boveda pouch in and your cigars will be in immaculate shape even if you plan to scale the Himalayas.  

Bring a Reliable Windproof Torch

Although a lot of cigar lovers are obsessed with torch lighters simply because they’re cool gadgets, the best ones are designed to work outdoors in the elements. Choose a windproof model from Xikar, Blazer, or a similar brand. We recommend a torch lighter that comes with a cover for the jets (to keep out sand and debris) or, even better, a cap that fastens down to keep out water. You might not plan to fire up while you’re white water rafting, but it’s nice to have the option. Plus, a reliable torch lighter is a godsend for getting the campfire started or any number of potentially disruptive outdoor scenarios. Bring an extra can of butane to be safe.

Bring Enough Cigars for Everybody

Last, but not least, pack enough cigars for everybody who’s going along. Mix up the selection with some milder smokes and some stronger ones for different palates. Smoking cigars is all about camaraderie and bonding. You don’t want to be the guy who’s one or two sticks short. Consider picking up an inexpensive bundle, too. There are plenty of cheap utility cigars that taste amazing and go hand in hand with rugged activities like camping. It’s a great way to avoid cursing up a storm because you dropped a $30 Padron over the side of the canoe.

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