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Yard 'Gars: Best Cigars for Yard Work

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Shane K.

Whether you cruise the back yard on a Cub Cadet, drive a John Deere, or you prefer the old school manual walk-behind mower, there’s a cigar that goes with yard work. Also called “yard ‘gars” or “utility smokes,” cigars meant to be smoked while you’re raking leaves, shoveling snow, or washing the car share one big thing in common: they’re cheap. And by cheap, we certainly don’t mean bad, bland, or repugnant. Yard ‘gars actually have to have pretty decent flavor. Most guys are chomping on them while their hands are tied up trimming a tree or laying a coat of paint down on the porch. It’s tough to keep a lit cigar perched in your jaw if the taste is bitter and the room note wafts up into your face and stings your eyes. Keep in mind, though, you’re not smoking something from the top shelf.

Besides being flammable and delivering tolerable taste, yard ‘gars possess one undeniable quality that sets them apart: when a yard ‘gar hits the ground or gets wet from the garden hose because you accidentally dropped it out of your mouth, you’ll never curse or get upset. Why? Because it’s easy to replace a yard ‘gar by grabbing another one from the coolerdor thanks to their ultra-cheap prices. Everybody buys yard ‘gars in quantity. Some of ‘em are as cheap as a bag of nails. As we officially head into warmer lawn-mowing weather, here’s our list of the top yard ‘gar brands you should stockpile this season. Bon appétit!

#1 - Rocky Patel Renaissance

Rocky Patel Renaissance takes the top spot because this brand is a grade-A, legit franchise with a 90-point rating from Cigar Aficionado in its lineage. It’s still considered one of Rocky’s top-selling blends because ever since it’s been repackaged in bundles in lieu of the ornate boxes it came in originally, you can save a ton of dough! You’ve got no shortage of flavor profiles to choose from, too, including Ecuador Sumatra, Ecuador Connecticut, Cuban-seed, and Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers. Ten out of ten groundskeepers get going in the morning with one of Rocky’s ultra-popular Renaissance Fumas in their mouth for just $1.99 per cigar.

#2 - Villiger

The “V” in Villliger stands for value thanks to dirt-cheap, down-and-dirty discounts on virtually every cigar in the brand’s portfolio. A pair of 93-point ratings and a ‘Top 10’ ranking in Cigar Aficionado brought the brand a bit of recent recognition. When you’re swapping out the Valvoline in your hot rod, reach for a bundle of Villiger at rock-bottom prices. Starting at only $1.74 per cigar, it’s easy to fire up a Villiger with a little grease on your hands.

#3 - Don Lino

Dog-walking discounts apply every day of the year on every Don Lino bundle in our sprawling warehouse. Beginning at just 99-cents apiece for Don Lino Fumas, this franchise also includes the wildly popular oversized Don Lino Trojan Horse and one of the finest handmade Candelas in existence, Don Lino Casa Verde. Its sweet and grassy flavor fits in perfectly when you’re bagging up a sack of lawn clippings. Don’t overlook Don Lino’s deeply discounted portfolio for yard ‘gars guaranteed to impress your gluttonous pals on poker night.

#4 - Rocky Patel Mulligans

Because Rocky Patel pumps out a prolific number of new cigars every year, not every single masterpiece makes it out of his warehouse and onto a store shelf. But, that doesn’t mean he wants to keep his finest work hidden. The Rocky Patel Mulligans franchise was created as an unlimited outlet for bargain hunters who refuse to pay a penny over outlet prices for top-shelf Rocky smokes. With just one glance at the sheer magnitude of the Rocky Patel Mulligans portfolio, it’s no surprise it’s one of the most reviewed brands on our entire site. Beginning at only $1.49 per cigar, we know a few guys who’ve never separated the aroma of ‘RP’ Mulligans from a trail of lawn mower exhaust.

#5 - Padilla Fumas

Touch up the paint on your white picket fence with a top-notch Padilla Fumas pinched in your jaw. It’s one of the only Fumas on the face of the planet that’s actually packaged in a box. If that’s not romantic enough, prices start at only $1.74 per smoke in every wrapper varietal. Notes of baking spices, wood, and coffee beans will easily chase the turpentine out of your nostrils when you’re done cleaning up your paint brushes.

#6 - Oliva Gilberto Oliva

Normally, award-winning smokes from the prestigious Oliva portfolio would be off limits for yard ‘gar purposes, but you can pump up the pedigree a notch thanks to the rock-bottom prices we apply to the 90-rated Oliva Gilberto Oliva and the 92-rated Oliva Gilberto Oliva Reserva Blanc during one of our regularly recurring Oliva deals. Pull up your striped, white knee-high socks from 1983, tuck your tank top into your jean shorts, and pull the chord on your push mower with a premium Oliva handmade in your mouth. Your neighbors will whisper behind your back that you’ve probably come into some money.

#7 - Alec Bradley White Gold

More than a simple mix of chicken feathers and pencil shavings, Alec Bradley White Gold delivers raw, rudimentary flavor with an unhinged aroma in three classic shapes for as low as $1.74 per cigar. You might not smoke the whole thing, even if you’re on a noisy tractor whacking weeds off the roadside, but you don’t have to save up to buy ‘em either. ‘AB’ White Gold is only for those who want no-frills flavor and not much else.

#8 - Gran Habano

Gran Habano is totally geared for frugal guys with a green thumb. Shop a deep variety of boxes and bundles beginning at $2.49 per cigar. Beware – you can get them much cheaper when we slap one of our deep daily discounts on the brand. These premium Honduran handmades have won a ton of admirers who’ve never smoked indoors before.

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