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Best Cigar Bundle Deals in 2018

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Shane K.

As the adage goes, “you don’t smoke the boxes, folks!” One of the first things we think about when it comes to cigars is “a box.” Packaging cigars in boxes dates back to around 1830 in Cuba courtesy of H. Upmann – a cigar brand born out of a banking enterprise. The company began sending cigars from Cuba to its staff in England in cedar boxes which they discovered actually prevented the cigars from drying out, in addition to repelling beetles. Boxes were also a convenient tool for branding and marketing to consumers as the company could put its logo on every box which added appeal to the buyer and made it easy to recognize the brand.

Today, wooden boxes are still a vital and unique component of cigar packaging. It’s tough to ignore the romance a box adds to the presentation of coveted smokes like Fuente Fuente Opus X or Ashton Symmetry, each sheathed in a striking visual display of ornate artwork, rich colors, and rounded corners.

In conjunction with boxes, however, a number of cigars also come in bundles. The emergence of cigar bundles can be traced back to the early 1960s. Originally, bundles were exclusively marketed as “value cigars,” or manufacturer’s seconds – cigars that were well-made, but may exhibit a cosmetic imperfection or two. Boxed cigars are sorted by color after they are rolled to insure a uniform visual appearance. That’s why, when you open a box of cigars, each cigar will look more or less identical to the next, but if you open two different boxes side by side, there’s a chance that one batch of cigars may look a touch darker or lighter by comparison.

Initially, bundles were not sorted by color and presented a means to save on packaging and the labor costs tied to the cigar-sorting process. A number of machine-made cigars were also packed in bundles. Nowadays, things have changed considerably. Bundles are no longer simply a home for “manufacturer defects” or less-consistent cigars. The burgeoning appetite consumers have for premium cigars is not solely relegated to boxed goods. An ever-growing selection of premium, handmade cigars exists exclusively for the bundle market, which includes connoisseurs of top-shelf, premium brands, as well as shrewd value buyers looking to get the most for their buck.

We’ll never talk anyone out of buying a box of their favorite smokes. But, in today’s landscape, don’t limit yourself by ruling out a quality bundle of cigars. Whether you need an inexpensive bundle of utility smokes for yardwork, or you’re after a brand you can pass out to your pals with the sincere intention of impressing the heck out of them – without breaking the bank – cigar bundles belong on your shopping list. Below, we’ve outlined our Top 10 Best Bundle Cigar Brands.

#1 - Rocky Patel Mulligans

Rocky Patel cut his cigar-making teeth with iconic releases like the 95-rated Rocky Patel Decade, Vintage 1990, and Vintage 1992. With a burgeoning brand portfolio and a number of notable accolades under his belt, Rocky is also lauded as ‘King of the $3 Golf ‘Gar’ thanks to the vast amount of time and detail he pours into a number of top-selling bundle projects, none more well-known than his popular Rocky Patel Mulligans franchise.

Rocky Patel Mulligans was originally born as a home for a handful of blends Rocky legitimately intended to release as part of his core portfolio. You’ll notice overlapping tasting notes between Mulligans Masters Collection and Rocky Patel Fifty; Mulligans Eagle Reserve and Rocky Patel Decade; Mulligans Trophy Series and Rocky Patel Vintage 1999; and so on. While Rocky inevitably chose a slightly different recipe for his core brands, the competing blends he created were equally compelling in their own right and worthy of release.

Because Rocky’s priority has always been delivering his prolific output to the masses, he elected to forego designing boxes, in favor of a more direct approach by bundling the delectable Mulligans blends he pumps out. The strategy also saves his beloved fans a ton of their hard-earned cash thanks to unbeatable rock-bottom prices that start around $1.49 per cigar, or $29.95 for a premium bundle of 20 handcrafted Rocky Patel cigars.

With 12 distinctive Rocky Patel Mulligans blends to choose from, we recommend selecting a wrapper varietal you already know you’re a fan of. Connecticut Shade, Ecuador Habano, San Andrés, Ecuador Sumatra options and more are available. Or, you could even pick up the Rocky Patel Mulligans ‘Aces’ Collection, which is technically a boxed sampler, but, it includes an awesome tour of the top-selling Mulligans blends. Rocky even makes Mulligans Groundhog, a short, fat 4 x 60 shape just for fans of Nub cigars looking for a less-expensive alternative. Put Mulligans on your radar and take the easy road through Rocky country, friends!

#2 - Bella Cuba

Bella Cuba is a legendary Cuban-heritage brand that value-minded connoisseurs adore. Starting at just 87-cents per cigar, Bella Cuba is available in a gingerbread-hued Sumatra wrapper leaf or a golden-blond Connecticut Shade varietal. Both options are handcrafted over a premium Cuban sandwich recipe of filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic.

A nice variety of classic shapes delivers notes of coffee beans, toasted nuts, almonds, and spices in a great everyday value cigar you can pass out to your pals on poker night or ride around on the lawnmower while you share the room note with Mother Nature.

#3 - Argyle Fumas

Argyle has been regarded as “The Most Trusted Name in Value Cigars” for years. The piquant and perfect-burning profile of Argyle Fumas proves the case without hesitation. Available in the original Sumatra wrapper or a silky and glistening Connecticut Shade cover leaf, Argyle Fumas conceal a tasteful amalgam of premium Cuban-style sandwich tobaccos in 20-count bundles that start at only 99-cents per cigar.

Argyle is handmade in the Dominican Republic’s premier boutique cigar factory by seasoned rollers who craft every smoke to a superlative standard. Notes of coffee with cream, cedar, earth, leather, and easy-going spices deliver a lush and palatable landscape in every puff. Add a bundle to your regular rotation for sublime smokes that are tasty, consistent, and easy on the pocketbook.

#4 - Blenders Clearinghouse

Blenders Clearinghouse is a beacon for Bargain Hunters fixated on getting big discounts without sacrificing quality or flavor. If “extreme cigar-couponer” sounds like a phrase that applies to you, Blenders Clearinghouse belongs in your collection.

Mild to medium-bodied notes of oak, buttered toast, and fresh-ground coffee are supplemented by approachable spices in your choice of a golden-blond Connecticut Shade wrapper varietal or a succulent Sumatra leaf. Six classic sizes deliver a razor-sharp burn and oodles of satisfaction with a premium recipe of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Outfit your coolerdor with a 20-count bundle of Blenders Clearinghouse for rock-bottom prices beginning at just $1.24 per cigar.

#5 - Rocky Patel Renaissance

A few years back, Rocky Patel Renaissance debuted to achieve a meritorious 90-point rating in Cigar Aficionado and quickly became a top-selling brand in Rocky’s core portfolio. Today, Rocky Patel Renaissance has grown into an entire collection of uber-affordable bundles handmade from a pristine variety of premium aged tobaccos.

Choose from an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper in the original blend or Ecuador Connecticut, Ecuador Habano, and Connecticut Broadleaf options. A full range of mild to medium-bodied and medium to full-bodied flavors is revealed in a number of traditional shapes. Tasting notes include toasted cashews, dark chocolate, black pepper, leather, espresso beans, and more. Indulge in authentic Rocky profiles, including a complete series of Rocky Patel Renaissance Fumas starting at only $1.74 per cigar. The Rocky Patel Renaissance Monster Deal delivers a thorough introduction to the brand if you’re unsure which blend to begin with.

#6 - Villiger

Villiger’s 93-rated La Flor de Ynclan and 92-rated San’Doro Colorado have treaded well among enthusiasts in recent months, however, the brand’s roots lie in a core collection of wallet-soothing bundles. As a European maker of machine-made cigars, Villiger set about penetrating the premium handcrafted market in the U.S. a few years ago.

Today, Villiger has gained its greatest momentum with deep discounts and a substantial bundle portfolio that includes releases handmade in both the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. Frugal aficionados adore a number of the brand’s premium bundles like Villiger La Capitana, Trill, Cabarete, Selecto, 1888 Fuerte, and Villiger 125, starting at a paltry $1.19 per cigar. A plethora of mild to medium-bodied profiles reveals notes of dried fruit, nuts, cereal, leather, earth, and peppers.

If you’ve been waiting to embark on your first Villiger bundle, give the Villiger ‘Dream Team’ Monster Deal a try for a 20-cigar collection of the brand’s bestselling blends.

#7 - Don Lino

Don Lino, a.k.a. “The Don of Discounts,” is a brand that emerged during the Cigar Boom of the 1990s to great fanfare within Nestor Miranda’s portfolio of premium cigars. Although the brand’s popularity wavered as the Cigar Boom calmed down, Don Lino took up residence in blowout bins in cigar shops from coast to coast and resurfaced as a top-selling bundle brand applauded by today’s thrifty masses.

Handcrafted by artisanal cigar-makers in the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, Don Lino delivers the goods with an ample supply of premium handmade bundles that start out as low as 99-cents per smoke. Deep discounts apply to every Don Lino blend, including the all-Nicaraguan original Don Lino, the rich and earthy Don Lino Dark Horse, the Candela-wrapped Don Lino Casa Verde, Don Lino Fumas, and the big and beefy Don Lino Trojan Horse.

Sumatra, Sungrown, and Cuban-seed wrapper varietals embrace a versatile collection of recipes guaranteed to satisfy everyone at your next backyard barbecue or bachelor party. Add the Don Lino ‘Diamond Club’ Monster Deal to your collection to sample the brand’s top-sellers before you commit to one blend.

#8 - Quorum

Fill out your coolerdor’s quota for inexpensive smokes with a bundle of Quorum, starting at $1.49 per cigar. Quorum is handmade in Nicaragua by the folks at J.C. Newman with a top-quality selection of long-filler tobaccos and premium aged wrappers varietals, including Ecuador Sumatra, Maduro, and Ecuador Connecticut blends.

Quorum won’t collide with a limit on your monthly cigar allowance, and you don’t have to take a step down in flavor thanks to the brand’s rich, medium-bodied signatures of dark and light cocoa, hickory, white pepper, and earthy spices.

#9 - Flor de Oliva

The award-winning Oliva brand is best-known for classic smokes like Cigar Aficionado’s 96-rated former ‘#1 Cigar of the Year’ Oliva Serie V Melanio and the 95-rated original Oliva Serie V. Long before Oliva made the leap to the top of the charts, the brand was – and still is – beloved by curmudgeons with an endless appetite for premium handmades that taste great and satisfy a limited cigar budget.

Flor de Oliva is handcrafted at Oliva’s prestigious factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, in a delectable collection of recipes that feature Ecuador Connecticut, Connecticut Broadleaf, Corojo, and Sumatra wrapper varietals. Toasted notes of almonds, chocolate, cedar, coffee beans, and black pepper emerge in a consistent variety of traditional shapes. In addition, the plus-sized profile of Flor de Oliva Giants is designed for thrifty aficionados who like to smoke a single cigar from dawn ‘til dusk.

#10 - Rosa Cuba

Rosa Cuba has had a place in the hearts of value fanatics for years. Choose from seven classic shapes that start at just $1.24 per cigar in a zesty Nicaraguan profile of premium Cuban-sandwich tobaccos blended beneath a gingerbread-hued Ecuador Sumatra wrapper.

Toasted notes of chestnuts, wood, and earth accompany abundant spices that won’t overwhelm throughout a chewy finish. Rosa Cuba is ideal when you’re craving cheap handmade cigars that deliver luscious aromas without inciting a panic if one rolls off the edge of the boat on your next fishing trip.

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