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Best Butane for Torch Lighters

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Choosing the best butane for your torch lighter makes a difference in its performance, its longevity, and in the taste of your cigars. The first lighters, invented in the early 19th century, were considerably more dangerous than the ones we use today. Cigar aficionados love torch lighters because their ultra-hot jet flames are perfect for toasting and lighting premium cigars and, especially, for performing touch-ups to ensure a cigar burns evenly from start to finish. Using high-quality butane is important, even if you prefer a soft flame lighter versus a torch. There are a handful of name brand butanes to choose from, but some are better than others. Because how you light your cigar can affect its taste, here are some useful tips when you’re shopping for the best butane.

What Is Lighter Butane?

Butane is a highly flammable, colorless, and odorless liquefied gas. It was discovered in the early 20th century and is used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial applications due to its low production cost, high flammability, and versatility. Butane jets can burn as hot as 2600 degrees Fahrenheit – hot enough to melt aluminum or copper. Butane is used in both disposable and refillable lighters. In a butane lighter, butane is stored in a pressurized chamber, and it’s released in a narrow stream that ignites by striking a flint or, as in most torch lighters, a piezoelectric crystal. The spark from the flint or the crystal causes the butane to ignite when the gas is released.

Liquid lighter fuel like Zippo fuel, or the stuff you douse your grill with to ignite the charcoals, is different – it’s not refined like butane, and it will ruin the taste of a good cigar. Avoid liquid fuel. If you prefer a soft flame lighter, get one that takes butane.

Not All Butane Is the Same

Good butane burns clean, it won’t clog the jets in your torch lighter, and it won’t interfere with the taste of your cigar. Common brands of butane include Xikar, Colibri, Lotus, and ST Dupont. The best butane for a cigar torch is at least triple-refined. Essentially, this means that the maximum number of impurities, or unwanted contaminants, have been removed from the finished product.

Do not rely on cheap unrefined butane just because it’s available at the nearest convenience store, especially if you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a high-quality cigar lighter. Unrefined butane will corrode the components in your lighter, clog the jets, and cause your lighter to wear out much faster than it should. Unrefined butane will also make your cigars taste bad. Many brands of butane are quintuple-refined today, and some claim to be fifteen-times refined. The best brands of butane advertise how many “parts per million” of impurities exist in their product. Xikar, for example, states its butane contains fewer than 15 parts per million of impurities, which maximizes the performance and longevity of your lighter.

Best Butane for a Torch Lighter

Because butane is highly flammable, stringent shipping restrictions exist when you order it. At Holt’s, we require customers to call our toll free number, 1-800-523-1641, to order butane, as we cannot sell it directly online. These are the best brands you can buy.

Xikar Purofine Butane

Xikar’s Purofine Butane is considered one of the highest quality brands you can buy due to its ultra-low impurity level, odorless scent, and its versatility. Xikar butane works amazingly in Xikar lighters, as well as a wide range of other popular brands. Xikar butane will not clog a lighter’s burner valves or cause misfires in the ignition process. It’s not surprising Xikar is one of the best butanes considering the company is a leader in lighter innovation.


Shop Xikar Butane

ST Dupont Butane

ST Dupont is best known for producing a number of high-end lighters, including the ultra-popular Maxi Jet Torch Lighter, the indestructible Defi Extreme Torch Lighter, and its iconic Ligne 2 series. ST Dupont Butane is top-notch with ultra-minimal impurity levels, odorless scent, and an ultra-clean burn. It guarantees your lighter will perform at maximum efficiency every time you use it.


Shop ST Dupont Butane

Tips for Refilling a Butane Lighter

Follow our quick and easy tips for refilling a butane lighter. It’s important to bleed the air and the remaining gas out of the tank before you refill a lighter with butane. Adjust the dial that controls the flame height, and wait for a few minutes after filling the tank for your lighter to warm up before you ignite it.

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