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Guide to Sending Cigars to Soldiers & Troops

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Anyone who has had friends or family deployed overseas knows the importance of letting our fighting men and women know that just because they’re out of sight, does not mean they’re out of mind. A simple CARE package from home goes a long way when it comes to raising the spirits of our dedicated military personnel – and items such as premium cigars are tremendously appreciated.

Cigar aficionados like ourselves can easily take for granted the availability of a good ‘gar, but in the combat zones overseas, such luxuries are not readily available. Fortunately, sending cigars to troops stationed overseas is not a difficult process, but it is something that is greatly appreciated by all involved.

You can even send cigars directly from Holt’s to any APO or FPO addresses around the globe. Enjoy the same fast, fresh convenience and customer service we provide to everyone right here at home.

Donating Through a Charity

The easiest way to give a gift of premium cigars and accessories to military personnel stationed across the globe is to do so by supporting a reputable charitable organization. One of the best known is Cigars for Warriors, a nonprofit that relies primarily on donations from cigar companies for inventory to forward to troops abroad.

Another company, Ammodor, manufactures custom ammunition box humidors, and is an active participant in various military gift giving organizations and service providers, such as Humidors for Heroes.

Another great non-profit to consider is Operation Deployed: Only Our Best; For Our Best, – a group that does its best to get the goods to our folks stationed abroad and is accessible via social media.

No matter which organization you choose to work with, your donation will bring some of the small comforts of home to the troops.

Donating as an Individual

If you choose to send premium cigars and accessories directly to specific servicemen and women, it is important to package and ship your tobacco products correctly to ensure their shelf life and quality upon arrival.

To do so, you’ll need the following items:

  • 2 Ziploc bags
  • Scissors or knife
  • Cigars
  • A damp sponge or paper towel


  1. Fill one Ziploc bag with the cigars you’re including in your CARE package
  2. Take your second Ziploc bag and cut a few small holes in it.
  3. Insert a damp sponge or paper towel inside this second Ziploc bag that’s been perforated and seal it. Use distilled water only to insure the cigars will not mold.
  4. Place the perforated bag with the sponge inside the first bag containing your cigars. Seal this bag.
  5. Your cigars will arrive in excellent condition, ready to smoke.

Or, to save time and simplify the process, you can also purchase a self-regulating humidity pouch (or pouches depending on how many cigars you’re shipping) and insert it with the cigars in a Ziplock bag with an ample seal. Humidity pouches can last for several months and will ensure the cigars enjoy a perfect humidity level throughout the shipping process and beyond.

Once you’ve properly packaged your cigars, you’re ready to ship them overseas. The United States Postal Service (USPS) has made the shipping process simple when you want to ship cigars to soldiers stationed abroad.

For free shipping supplies, pricing, and customs forms to fill out with your package, visit the USPS website to send military and diplomatic mail, including CARE packages packed with cigars. There is minimal cost and effort involved to send a parcel of premium cigars overseas. The main thing to remember is to treat the premium cigars you plan on shipping as you would your own: with proper air circulation and humidity.

Holt’s Thanks You for Your Service

If you are an active member of the military, veteran and/or retiree, National Guardsman or Armed Forces reservist you can enjoy a daily a 10% discount courtesy of Holt’s. The discount also applies to all active and non-active First Responders.

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