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Angry Elf Connecticut Staff Review

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Grant T.

Angry Elf cigars are pure proof it doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s Day to get lucky, friends. The original Angry Elf blend was born with a green Candela wrapper, but the franchise has grown to include three additional wrappers, Angry Elf Maduro, Angry Elf Sun Grown, and the mellow and tasty Angry Elf Connecticut I’m smoking today, in 6-by-50 Toro, to deliver my fair and honest appraisal of its taste, construction, and especially price point.

Angry Elf cigars are packaged in economical bundles of 20 succulent cigars clad in a cellophane exterior that only takes a second to slice open. As the name indicates, an angry leprechaun, chomping on a cigar, scowls in disapproval on the green-and-orange cigar bands, but don’t be fooled by the comical packaging. Angry Elf cigars are handmade from one-hundred percent premium long-filler Dominican tobaccos patiently assembled by passionate artisans at one of the Dominican Republic’s premier small-batch cigar factories. A silky, blond Connecticut Shade wrapper completes the recipe.

I can never have too many cigars in my coolerdor. However, I refuse to sacrifice quality to satisfy my gluttonous consumption. That’s why my quest to secure the finest bundles on the planet at the lowest possible prices is an endless pursuit. The second I slide a Connecticut-wrapped Toro from a fresh batch of Angry Elf, I’m reminded of my mission and the commitment I made, years ago, to curmudgeons worldwide when I swore to uphold an oath of total frugality despite my focus on only smoking the finest specimens.

One look at Angry Elf Connecticut once it’s out of its cellophane skin and I feel obliged to echo a sentiment found in dozens of customer reviews: forget what the band looks like! It’s easy to fixate on these cartoon-clad handmades and dismiss them as inferior, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure, Angry Elf isn’t a cigar you’re going to pass out to your top client over a boardroom table to close a big deal, but I’m tellin’ ya, they’re darn well made and unlikely to disappoint.

The golden-blond complexion of the Toro I’m caressing between by index finger and thumb exhibits all the hallmarks of a fifteen-dollar premium even though it costs under three bucks. A luscious aroma of cedar, fresh tobacco, and buttered toast caresses my nasal cavity when I give the foot of the cigar a deep sniff.

Once I clip the cap with my Visol Scissors and fire the foot up, the path to complete combustion is smooth sailing. A creamy and balanced succession of cashew, coffee, and vanilla bean mingles with hints of fresh bread. The draw is heavenly while fluffy white cushions of smoke nuzzle the ceiling tiles over my desk. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Angry Elf Connecticut is really too good to call a yard ‘gar, even though the price is cheap enough. I don’t know that I possess the willpower to concentrate on rudimentary tasks like sweeping the sidewalk or painting a fence with an Angry Elf hogging my attention. The Toro I’m savoring begs me to daydream.

A mellow medley of roasted almond and pepper mixes in just right with a touch of honey-like sweetness before a long and easygoing finish arrives after fifty minutes. If you enjoy mild Dominican smokes like Macanudo Cafe or Montecristo, Angry Elf Connecticut is a coolerdor-friendly bundle you can easily add to supplement your rotation and save more than a few bucks.

And on second thought, regarding the cigar bands, if you’re one of those guys who’s into labels, and an Angry Elf is just too humiliating for your ego to tolerate, well, that leaves more for yours truly to smoke, so I thank you in advance. I’ve got a few huge coolerdors to fill.

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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