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Ashton Cabinet Selection Staff Review

Shane K. K's picture

Shane K.

Ashton Cabinet Selection is a cigar that hardly needs an endorsement, but also a cigar that I’m entirely willing to throw an endorsement at, simply because it’s that worthy. For any novices who are unaware of the Fuente family and the legendary blending prowess their cigar-making operation is known for, Ashton Cabinet could not possibly formulate a better introduction, particularly if you’re in the market for a milder smoke with tremendous flavor. In the interest of full disclosure, all Ashton cigars are patiently blended and made by the world-renowned Fuente family in the Dominican Republic. Only the finest, premium aged tobaccos are utilized and, trust me, every leaf is aged for eons before a single cigar is rolled up.


Why would I bother reviewing the Ashton Cabinet out of the more-than-550 brands we sell at Holt’s? The rationale is simple, folks. In my fifteen-plus years in the cigar biz, there really are only a handful of brands who can play big and maintain a high level of quality control. It’s a small and prestigious group, however they share in common one important trait: quality, consistency and taste trump any one person’s personality or ego when it comes to making phenomenal smokes. I can honestly attest Ashton Cabinet is pretty much the same exact cigar today as it was when I smoked it a decade and a half ago for the first time. That, in and of itself, is impressive, but what’s more intriguing is the fact that an Ashton Cabinet is hardly a rudimentary cigar made in nonchalant fashion.

A shimmering blond Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf hugs a mouthwatering amalgam of all-Dominican tobaccos that are meticulously harvested, selected and set down to rest for an extensive duration. The result is undeniable. Naturally creamy flavors hit the palate right out of the gates on the cold draw and commence coming to life as soon as your light hits the foot. When you think about quality tobacco and what a fine cigar actually is, Ashton Cabinet delivers the goods in spades. It captivates immediately, not unlike the aroma of a corner bakery or a cowboy boot shop. Subtle hints of spice come forth with malty notes of almonds, cashews and vanilla beans with a touch of honey-like sweetness around the edges that you can only get from a wrapper leaf truly grown in the Connecticut River Valley. Its seductiveness lies in its approachability, which is why I traditionally smoke it in a Churchill format, the Ashton Cabinet #8. The taste is so smooth from the get-go, I prefer to smoke it in a size that lasts for a good bit of time.

While the first quarter to half of the cigar acts like a whiff of a pretty girl’s perfume, the midpoint unfolds into a having a nice conversation with her to not wanting the night to end by the final third. That’s what sets this cigar apart for me. It’s not a cigar that you easily put down. If anything, you’ll most likely be tempted to fire up another one directly on its heels. A buttery finish blesses the palate and caps off the nub with an authentic nutty sweetness. If angel food cake had a cigar sibling, Ashton Cabinet would be the first candidate to share DNA. Get unhinged from your obligations and take a tasteful sojourn into the land of satisfaction with an exemplary premium cigar that indulges to the perfect degree.


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