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Cain Black Staff Review

Shane K. K's picture

Shane K.

Cain Black is a brand new cigar in the bold and bestselling Cain portfolio, and I’m smoking a 5-by-50 Robusto to let fans of stronger Nicaraguan cigars know if it passes the litmus test for taste, quality, and price. The Cain brand debuted in 2009, and it’s handcrafted at the Oliva Cigars factory in Estelí, Nicaragua.

Following much success with their 95-rated Oliva Serie V cigars, the Oliva family branched out and created the Nub and Cain brands to grow their footprint on store shelves around the world. Nub cigars captivated aficionados with their short, fat shapes, and Cain cigars were blended with more intensity thanks to the use of robust Nicaraguan Ligero tobaccos. We’ve reviewed the five other Cain blends, including Cain F, Connecticut CT, Daytona, Habano, and Maduro, as well as the short and rotund Cain Nub Maduro.

While the raw power of some Cain cigars makes them an acquired taste for cigar lovers, their consistency and complexity deserve your attention when you consider you’re getting top-notch Oliva-grown tobacco and flawless craftsmanship for a fraction of the price. Cain Black cigars come in basic black 20-count boxes with matching no-frills cigar bands. A Cuban-seed wrapper harvested in the fertile Nicaraguan soil envelops an equally rich marriage of well-aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos.

When I slide a fresh box Cain Black Robustos open, pronounced aromas of leather, wood, and earth carry hints of spices into the nasal cavity. I select a supple, perfectly humidified specimen from the center of the box. Upon snipping the cap off with the swift, precise motion of my Xikar Enso cutter, a satisfactory draw reveals hearty notes of nuts, leather, and black pepper. The sweet and zesty taste of fresh tobacco coats the lips and is reinforced by the aroma of the unlit foot of the cigar.

The Cain Black Robusto feels substantial in the hand because the Ligero tobaccos on the inside of the cigar are naturally thick and oily. It’s always best to eat before you smoke, but it’s essential when you’re smoking Cain. Despite the density of the tobaccos, the cigar achieves even combustion with ease when I toast the foot. I light it slower than normal, though, to give the tobaccos more time to fully ignite. Heavy clouds of enticing white smoke fill the air around my head.

Cain Black is leathery, luscious, and peppery. If you’re smoking this cigar for the first time, smoke it patiently and give each draw time to ruminate on the palate. Cigar lovers who smoke strong Nicaraguan cigars exclusively have conditioned their palates to handle intense flavor, and they have a higher nicotine tolerance. Cain cigars are potent, but they’re also smooth if you don’t smoke them too fast.

As the first half unfolds, pleasant nuances of nutmeg and toasted almond develop. The peppery backbone of Cain Black is constant, but its spicy character is balanced by a milky and nutty flavor. The ash is super firm and I’ve only knocked it off a couple times after nearly thirty minutes of smoking. Hints of gingerbread and clove filter into a powerful profile of leather, espresso bean, and spices. I’ve had to set the cigar down and pause a few times as a matter of self-preservation to ensure I can finish the nub without getting the nicotine sweats.

By the time I’m absorbing the final inches, Cain Black maintains big, malty flavor that lives up to the brand’s motto: Cain Is for Tough Guys Only! A complex climax of black pepper, leather, wood, and nuts blossoms over the palate after roughly sixty minutes, longer than I normally spend on a Robusto. Cain Black deserves a stiff whiskey like the Jack Daniels Bonded, a 100-proof powerhouse that just landed at the top of Whisky Advocate’s Top 20 Whiskies of 2022.

Kick the tires on Cain Black today and add a box to your collection for a big discount from your pals at Holt’s. Or, pick up the all-new 20-Robusto Cain ‘Black & Tan’ Monster Deal, which includes 10 creamy and mild Cain Connecticut CT cigars alongside 10 Cain Black. Discover why so many connoisseurs consider Cain one of the best Nicaraguan cigars you can buy. As the number one Cain dealer in America, you can count on top-notch quality and ultra-competitive prices, son.


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