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Fine Catch Bass Staff Review

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Grant T.

To all the frugal fishermen out there, I’m smoking a cigar that’s been a classic among the coupon-clipping crowd for over ten years: Fine Catch. I’m firing up a standard 6 x 50 Toro rightfully called the Bass. No stroke of luck is required to reel in a budget-friendly bundle of Fine Catch. The Holt’s warehouse is stocked with aisles of ‘em as far as the eye can see. Why? Because they’re that darn good, unbelievably cheap, and tons of aficionados smoke cigars while they fish.

When I’m craving a fish fresh off the grill, you won’t find me in line at a Red Lobster, friends. No siree Bob. That would add up to a tab I’d have to pay, and my penny-pinching protocols leave no room for superfluous purchases these days. I shuffle down to the river bank and yank my dinner direct from the current. And let me tell you, it beats cracking open a can of sardines any day. I’m as stingy a fisherman as you’ll ever meet. There’s no shiny bass boat or knee-high rubber boots hiding in my garage. I can fish with a tree branch and broken banjo string, but I’m not ashamed. My tackle box is jam packed with cigar coupons. That’s why I can afford to smoke the good stuff like Fine Catch when I’m casting off.

Fine Catch is finished in either a glistening Natural Connecticut Shade wrapper or a dark brown Maduro from Sumatra. Beneath each a luscious blend of Dominican long-filler tobaccos fills out five well-made shapes. I am firing up the creamy Connecticut Shade blend today. Fine Catch cigars arrive in eye-catching 20-count bundles outfitted with – you guessed it – a fish on the band. My olfactory nerves tingle with anticipation as I slide the cellophane off and hold in my hand an indisputable specimen of smoothness.  

Decadent notes of well-aged tobacco, leather, and sweet tea perfume the air from an unctuous, sand-colored wrapper. The classic Bass format from Fine Catch is densely packed and balances perfectly when perched between my fingers. The cold draw ushers in tasting notes of sweet cream, fresh-cut hay, and leather. If you haven’t smoked Fine Catch before, its first impression is well above average.

As my flame touches the foot of the cigar, complete combustion ensues while a sweet suggestion of butterscotch caresses the palate. Prominent notes of leather mingle with a pleasant, earthy finish on the tongue. For nearly twenty minutes, a firm ash forms with laser-like precision before I thump if off into the ashtray.

Fine Catch is mellow and soft throughout the first half with almost no trace of spice, making it an ideal cigar to puff on at length if you’ve got a fishing rod in your hands. Notes of toasted nuts leave a savory texture in their wake. The room is filled with alluring aroma causing my colleagues to flock close by, like mosquitos under a porch light, to ask if I’ve got extras.  

After forty-five minutes, Fine Catch finishes with outstanding flavor as I effortlessly pull the last few puffs through the cigar’s creamy, rich nub. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better-tasting, better-constructed, or more consistent Dominican cigar for prices starting as low as $1.99 apiece. If you’re looking to lure your pals to the backyard to smoke with you, but you don’t want to break the bank, add a bundle of Fine Catch to your stash of handouts without hesitation. I dare you not to smoke them all yourself.

Until next time, tight lines & long ashes to you!


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