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La Aroma de Cuba Staff Review

Grant T. Thompson's picture

Grant T.

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends… This delectable degustación is just what the doctor ordered. Kick back, relax and raise your glass whilst I proceed with my review of the La Aroma de Cuba Rothschild. Once a favorite of Winston Churchill, La Aroma de Cuba is an original Cuban brand from the late 1800s. Since its glorious reintroduction to cigar lovers worldwide in 2002, La Aroma de Cuba has become a perennial bestseller here at Holt’s and a permanent inhabitant in the humidors, coolerdors, and traveldors of yours truly. Very few cigars in my rotation share that honor.

If you’re a frequent visitor to Holt’s Clubhouse and have enjoyed some of my staff reviews, you know that I’m an unabashed supporter of Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia and his cigars. Out of all the cigars we sell here at Holt’s, La Aroma de Cuba has become my tried and true go-to cigar. For me, it’s the perfect cigar for when I’m in the mood for a cigar, which happens to be all of my waking hours. It has a wide appeal because of its history and provenance as well as its approachable, medium-bodied profile.

I selected the La Aroma de Cuba Rothschild because I find it to be the perfect union of form and function. Its glistening Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper teems with oils and swaddles a rich and earthy collection of filler tobaccos that enrobe the palate with a cool spice and bittersweet cocoa on the cold draw. Its beefy 5 x 50 size offers a stunning appearance as well as an exemplary balance when perched between my fingers.

After a brief toasting of the foot, I ensured I had complete combustion and was instantly rewarded with a mouthwatering amalgamation of fresh-cut cedar and rich, earthy cocoa-laden notes perfectly counterbalanced with a muted, yet persistent spice. 

At about the 15-minute mark, I had enjoyed about one-third of the cigar and marveled at the perfect construction and rock-solid, carpenters-square, straight burn I experienced. Strength remained pegged on the medium-bodied side of the scale with little variance detected.  Flavors assumed a deeper, darker nuance with a precipitating sweetness ushered in by the flawless, espresso-hued Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper.

I was thoroughly enjoying this cigar. The wonderful flavor transitions it afforded me mesmerized the senses. This alluring Lady in Red had made a connection with me and demanded my full and complete attention. In the interest of quality control and my insatiable, sometimes gluttonous cigar consumption, I succumbed to my lady’s wishes. Wholly focused on the task at hand and at about the 40-minute mark, I gently relieved the cigar of its nearly 3-inch snow-white ash.

I graciously bestowed a well-deserved 94-rating on this cigar. For about $5 per cigar, there are few smokes that rise to this level of superiority. It promises ‘A Taste from another Time’ and it delivers.

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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