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Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne Staff Review

Shane K. K's picture

Shane K.

For roughly the past 20 years, Nick Perdomo has masterfully straddled the barrier of value and allure with Perdomo Cigars. He owns his own factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, and has done a heck of a job building his cigar portfolio into a popular brand. Not only does Nick maintain impeccable standards for the construction and quality of his cigars, but he keeps the prices low without compromising taste. Additionally, his efforts are enhanced by the fact that he maintains an exceptional crew of dedicated employees he adores. You can definitely tell when you meet them, and we always welcome a visit from Nick and his family and the fellas at Perdomo when they arrive in Philly for our annual Perdomo event at Holt’s.


We sell a ton of Perdomo and it’s only proper our customers get some perspective on the brand in our Staff Reviews. Today, I’m digging into one of the bestsellers, Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne, a medium-bodied gem that can be enjoyed practically anytime of the day. At first glance, the most noticeable impression comes from the yellow-orange tint of the cellophane on Champagne. The guys at Perdomo have done their homework when it comes to branding, and it shows. Perdomo packaging displays a recognizable and consistent look designed to pop off the store shelf for a scanning shopper. They’ve even recently released a line of cigars that incorporates holographic images on the boxes and bands.

The 10th Anniversary Champagne blend is available in a range of traditional shapes. I’ve always been into the Churchill. Generally speaking, when I’m enjoying a mellower cigar, particularly in an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf, I always go for a longer format because I prefer a prolonged duration that exhibits a nice transition of flavors. On the cold draw, Champagne delivers a sweet zest. A meaty bouquet emanates from the all-Nicaraguan recipe of binder and filler tobaccos that resides under the cigar’s silky Connecticut-seed wrapper leaf.

Champagne promotes a somewhat heartier profile in the pre-light stages, as well as in the initial quarter of the cigar, than the creamier and more approachable flavors that emerge by the midpoint. Notes of wheat and orange peel accompany spicy hints of molasses and cashews. The aroma is rich and creamy throughout. As Champagne progresses past the halfway point, the spice dissipates a bit, but is still perceivable when you push the smoke out through your nose. Overall, Champagne is an ideal cigar when you’re on the golf course and you’re up for a Churchill. It delivers a perky kick early on, but tempers into a cool and luscious blend you can nonchalantly puff away on for a good amount of time. A chewy nuttiness amplifies in the final third and ushers in returning notes of black pepper. The finish is resonant, but not overwhelming. Because this particular Churchill is a 7 x 54, it burns slow and effortlessly, promising a solid hour or more of enjoyment.

If you’re looking for a solid introduction to the best Perdomo cigars, put the 10th Anniversary Champagne blend on your radar. You’re guaranteed to be impressed without dropping a ton of cash for a premium, handcrafted experience. It’s as reliable as a handshake from Nick himself.


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