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Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut Staff Review

Shane K. K's picture

Shane K.

Today, I’m reviewing the elegant and easygoing profile of Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut in a 7 x 56 Churchill. I’ve known the brand’s founder, Nick Perdomo Jr., for close to twenty years. He’s a guy who’s a pleasure to talk to. When he comes to Holt’s for our annual Perdomo events, the customers love him. The entire Perdomo crew is a genuine bunch. When you meet the guys who work for Nick, including his son, Nick Perdomo III, and his right-hand man, Arthur Kemper, you can’t help but want to smoke their cigars.

They make great cigars too. Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut is a beacon of the brand’s quality. A golden-blond Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf surrounds a boisterous interior of aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos grown on Nick’s farms in Estelí, Condega, and the Jalapa Valley. Perdomo cigars are known for their consistency – a sentiment echoed in the brand’s tidy packaging. A few years back, Nick redesigned many of the bands and boxes in his portfolio. The Perdomo logo is rendered with classy intricacy in burgundy, gold, black, and white colors.

Nick has developed his brand around a specific formula: offer popular wrapper options in slightly bigger ring gauges and focus on flawless production. The motto behind Perdomo cigars is, “Quality, Tradition, & Excellence.” Nick only pursues trends in the premium cigar industry that have staying power and his strategy has generated much success in recent years. Several blends in the Perdomo collection stand out, but those with Ecuador Connecticut wrappers are among the most popular. Connecticut-seed editions like Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne and 20th Anniversary Connecticut harness an abundance of rich Nicaraguan flavor without overwhelming the palate.

Following a seamless cut, Perdomo 20th Anniversary delivers cold notes of pepper, molasses, and bread dough. Upon ignition, the chunky Churchill shape emits ample wafts of cool luscious smoke. The 20th Anniversary begins with a nutty, toasted profile of wood, cocoa, and fresh bread. Coffee beans and white pepper complement the cigar’s woody character as the tobaccos warm up.

Perdomo cigars burn with an effortless grace, a testament to the high level of quality control Nick institutes at his factory in Estelí. A firm white and gray ash forms at the foot as the 20th Anniversary progresses into the middle third. Chewy, creamy notes of cashews and buttered toast buttress the cigar’s woody taste while a touch of density emerges in the room note.

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut is a great cigar to smoke over coffee in the morning or with a cold beer out on the golf course. Its mild to medium-bodied profile stays a steady course and avoids hitting any bitter snags. For a collection that sells between $8.50 and $11, 20th Anniversary epitomizes the value Perdomo is known for. Plus, you can often find Perdomo for sale in a variety of weekly Holt’s email specials, making it an easy brand to buy by the box.

Perdomo 20th Anniversary Connecticut culminates with nutty notes of cocoa, cedar, and oak as a slightly elevated zest kicks in. It’s one of the best Perdomo cigars to smoke when you’re in the mood for a cigar that’s creamy and rich but not too strong. Put Perdomo on your radar if haven’t had the pleasure of smoking this top-selling Nicaraguan brand yet. You’ll be delighted by the taste, the finish, and especially the price.


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