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Perdomo Habano Maduro Staff Review

Zack D. D's picture

Zack D.

If there is one man in the cigar industry who exemplifies the term “gentleman,” it is Nick Perdomo. Over the past twenty-plus years he has built a following of loyal customers, dubbed the Perdomo Army. The Perdomo Army exists because Nick always puts his customers first. He keeps his prices as low as possible without lowering his standards for quality and taste.


Out of all the fantastic Perdomo offerings, there is one I always gravitate towards, Perdomo Habano Maduro. Today, I am smoking it in a 7 x 54 Churchill. Perdomo cigars are handcrafted at the vast Tabacalera Perdomo facility in Estelí, Nicaragua.

Perdomo Habano Maduro is made entirely from tobacco grown in Nicaragua on one of the many fields owned by the Perdomo family. The introduction of the bourbon barrel is what sets Perdomo Habano Maduro apart from other cigars. The cigar is rolled with a Nicaraguan Maduro wrapper leaf. After the wrappers are properly fermented, they are stored in empty bourbon barrels. Because of this practice, the blend is sometimes called Perdomo Habano Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maduro.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the cigar’s band. Nick Perdomo has done a wonderful job over the past few years updating his packaging, including the addition of holographic imagery. Under the band lies a cigar that’s equally magnificent.

The Nicaraguan-grown Maduro wrapper is dark chocolate in color and very oily. Pre-light aromas include notes of cedar, cherry, and hay while the cold draw adds depth with flavors of chocolate, espresso beans, dried fruit, and dark stout beer.

It isn’t until this cigar is lit that I fully appreciate what Perdomo Habano Maduro has to offer. Cocoa powder, cracked black peppercorn, cedar, and oak encapsulate the palate. As the well-aged tobaccos warm up, notes of bell peppers and beans smooth out the profile.

The mid-section of this cigar truly is the “sweet spot.” Hints of unfrosted chocolate cake develop, followed by notes of dried bitter cherries. The combination of sweet notes reminds me of one of my favorite deserts, German Black Forest Cake. During the last few inches, the sweetness fades and I am left with an earthy profile of charred oak and roasted espresso beans.

As is the case with all Perdomo cigars, the construction of Habano Maduro is impeccable. The burn line displayed some subtle waves which naturally straightened as the cigar progressed. The draw was flawless and never burned hot.  

Although a 7 x 54 Churchill isn’t a cigar you can squeeze in whenever you want, the blend is available in a handful of popular sizes. All retail for under $10. If you are looking for the perfect nightcap smoke, or just a great medium to full-bodied Maduro that doesn’t break the bank, look no further than Perdomo Habano Maduro. It’s one of the best Perdomo cigars you can smoke today.


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