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Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut Toro Staff Review

Tom O. O's picture

Tom O.

I’m about to smoke a bona fide budget-friendly bombshell when it comes to pure value: Perdomo Lot 23 Connecticut. I’ve set aside about an hour to fire up a 6 by 50 Toro, one of the most popular sizes in the line. If you don’t know about Perdomo cigars, brand owner and founder Nick Perdomo is first and foremost a family guy. As a guy with my own family, it’s easy to like Nick a lot when you meet him. Hard work and loyalty are in his DNA, and he passes that onto his son, Nick III, who runs the company with him today.

The Perdomos enjoy a significant cigar-making heritage. Both Nick’s father, also named Nick, and his grandfather, Silvio, were cigar-makers in Cuba in the 1940s and 50s before Fidel Castro and his regime confiscated all the tobacco farms and cigar factories across the island. Nick’s father narrowly escaped execution after being shot and captured by communist forces during a firefight. It’s no wonder Nick was so determined when he started making cigars in his garage in Florida over thirty years ago with his father. Today, Perdomo occupies shelf space in premium cigar shops everywhere. Because Nick is a stickler for quality and price, you’re bound to find all kinds of gems like Lot 23 when you’re exploring Perdomo cigars.

Once I slide the cello off my Lot 23 Connecticut, a light and alluring aroma of fresh tobacco, pepper, grass, and leather travels from the foot of the cigar through my nasal cavity as I hold the cigar up to my nose and take a penetrating whiff. One of my favorite things about Nick’s cigars is how consistent they are. Because he owns his own farms and factory, he’s in full control of his product before the crops are planted and the finished cigars are shipped to retailers. I’ve never plucked a plugged Perdomo from a box.

I clip the cap on my Toro and take few cold puffs before igniting the end with a pair of matches. With the weather cooling down, I’m smoking at my desk instead of out on my patio at home. As creamy streams of smoke coast into the air, my coworkers pop their heads up and ask if I can blow some room note their way. Happily, I oblige.

Lot 23 is loaded with premium Cuban-seed long-fillers grown on a single Perdomo estate – hence the Lot 23 name – in Estelí, Nicaragua. A light-tan Ecuador Connecticut wrapper completes the package. Every leaf of tobacco is aged at least five years, and you can taste the age with how refined the cigar is. Notes of hay and cashews kick the show off with hints of honey and cedar stirring up the backend of the initial draws.

After fifteen or twenty minutes, Perdomo Lot 23 reveals a satisfying mild to medium-bodied profile that increases in creaminess and spice. Notes of fresh coffee, cinnamon, and cocoa converge with a nutty character. Lot 23 is closest in taste and aroma to the wildly popular Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne, the top-selling cigar from the brand.

Nick’s cigars are sturdy, too. I tap the ash off with a stronger tick of my finger than normal. At the Perdomo factory, every cigar is draw-tested after it’s rolled, and the ring gauge is measured multiple times by the quality control experts Nick employs to evaluate the work of the rollers. Nick oversees every detail of production, and it shows. Perdomo fans are especially loyal because Nick’s obsession with quality is over the top.

As Lot 23 winds down into a nub, a spicy surge kicks in a few minutes after I remove the band. A complex finish with notes of nougat and toast soothes my taste buds before a warm and welcoming sweetness is unveiled in the last draws. Perdomo Lot 23 is a perfect cigar to pair with coffee in the morning or a refreshing pint of craft beer when you’re relaxing on the porch. We carry every Perdomo cigar known to man, so you’ve got a lot of options to ponder when you’re searching for premium Nicaraguan handmades that won’t break the bank. Plus, we pump Perdomo into our deal rotation on a regular basis, and that means you’re getting the best deal on Perdomo in the entire country. Put Perdomo in the cart today!


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