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Rocky Patel Mulligans Caddy's Choice Staff Review

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Grant T.

My golf game leaves a bit to be desired, but my math skills are off the charts when I’m saving beaucoup cash on the copious amount of cigars I consume daily. That’s why I’m smoking a cigar from Rocky Patel’s golf-themed line, Rocky Patel Mulligans, the Caddy’s Choice blend – in a glorious 6-by-50 format called the Sand Wedge – for today’s review.

As the head coupon-clipper at Holt’s, I spend an inordinate amount of time in the Rocky Patel Mulligans  aisle in our sprawling warehouse, scanning every shelf like a panoramic camera in the hands of a photographer at National Geographic. I leave no stone unturned, but the hardest part of being the chief glutton for the company is that we have more cheap, high-quality cigars to smoke than I can possibly appraise in a calendar year. Onto the Caddy’s Choice posthaste!

As one of the biggest names in the cigar-making business, Rocky Patel needs no introduction. Premium, handcrafted Rocky Patel cigars are found in the finest stores around the globe. But Rocky’s bestselling ‘RP’ Mulligans franchise was a best-kept, industry-insider secret until not that long ago when legions of sophisticated aficionados began buying up these budget-friendly bundles for their regular smoking regimen and a deluge of 5-star customer reviews poured in by the hundreds, amplifying their popularity overnight. Rocky Patel Mulligans cigars easily exceed expectations because deep discounts are built in around the clock, seven days a week.

The ‘RP’ Mulligans franchise serves a dual purpose. Mulligans is the official proving ground for new Rocky Patel cigars in the development stage, and it’s an outlet mall for all the premium ‘RP’ handmades that were overordered with no boxes to put them in. I sing the praises of bundle cigars like a bullhorn because you’re not wasting a dime on packaging.

Caddy’s Choice cigars are clad in colorful orange-and-green cigar bands, making them easy to spot when I crack the lid on my cavernous coolerdor at home. An oily, gingerbread-hued Sumatra wrapper leaf embraces a consistent core of premium Cuban-sandwich tobaccos. For those not in the know, Cuban-sandwich cigars, or mixed-filler cigars, are comprised of a mix of long-filler (whole) leaves and short-filler tobaccos, or the remnants of premium long-filler leaves. That means you’re getting the same premium tasting notes for a fraction of the price because the cigars are constructed, partially, of leftover materials.

When I pluck an alluring Sand Wedge from a fresh bundle of Rocky Patel Mulligans Caddy’s Choice, my nose hairs stand at command, steadily absorbing a raw aroma of leather, perfectly humidified tobacco, and pepper as I pass the cigar under my nozzle. Caddy’s Choice exhibit excellent density from head to foot, too. For a paltry $2.24 per cigar, I can’t help but be convinced I’m getting way more cigar for my money than my frugal noggin can normally comprehend.  

Sweet notes of leather and nuts crisscross my taste buds the second the foot is aflame. The cigar ignites on a dime. One advantage short-filler cigars possess is that they’re easy to light. Once the tobaccos cook at full velocity, creamy and peppery notes singe the nasal cavity in a profile that alternates between subtly abrasive and deeply satisfying. After ten minutes, the cigar’s flaky ash has dusted my workpants, but you would never notice over the motor oil stains. Notes of black pepper, fresh hay, and leather mingle with hints of almond milk with an unusual and partially dry aftertaste.

I gotta say, I’m pleasantly surprised. There was a moment I was expecting my Caddy’s Choice to turn bitter and stay that way. The Sand Wedge developed a charry texture but only for a fleeting moment. The midsection switched course with luscious notes of earth, chestnut, and buttered wheat toast and a fair amount of zest. I’ve got no problem exhausting the nub when it’s time for the band to come off.

After fifty minutes, I wouldn’t classify the finish as flawless, but you’ll never feel guilty if you toss a Caddy’s Choice in the grass prematurely – thanks to the price, a whopping 74% off MSRP! When you’re after tasty yard ‘gars to puff on while you’re painting a fence or pulling up weeds, you’ll be hard-pressed to discover a better utility bundle than Rocky Patel Mulligans Caddy’s Choice.

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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