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Rocky Patel Mulligans Lost Ball Connecticut Staff Review

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Grant T.

For today’s review, I’m smoking a 7-by-50 Churchill from an essential category, Fumas cigars, and it’s called the Lost Ball, which is made for the golf-themed Rocky Patel Mulligans franchise. Lost Ball cigars are available in four wrapper options: Candela, Connecticut, Maduro, and Sun Grown. I’m smoking the Connecticut blend as I offer indispensable wisdom on why Rocky Patel Mulligans Lost Ball cigars are must-haves.

As we inch closer to the holidays, it’s mandatory I keep a stash of handouts within reach for desperate friends and relatives who mistakenly assume – due to my long-running tenure at Holt’s – that I get all my cigars for free. It happens every season, friends. An endless parade of scroungers, relentless borrowers, cadgers, freeloaders, moochers, and all-around parasites and leeches stop by with hot cider for the sole purpose of sponging off the cigar supply in my coolerdor. I don’t sweat it, though. And I refuse to temper my good-natured generosity. I simply procure a deep inventory of giveaway-worthy cigars in advance of the festivities. I liken it to buying Halloween candy.

Rocky Patel Mulligans work like magic. These delicious and consistent bundle cigars have been around better than ten years by now, but because you can only buy them at Holt’s, new legions of loyal ‘RP’ Mulligans lovers are trying them for the first time every day of the week. Of the dozens and dozens of bundles I’ve smoked in my staff review archives, ‘RP’ Mulligans are among the best. There are fifteen budget-friendly gems to chose from, and Lost Ball cigars offer a special pair of money-saving benefits: you’re not paying for the packaging and they’re premium Cuban-sandwich cigars, making them less expensive because they’re made from a mix of long-filler and short-filler tobaccos.

Rocky Patel Mulligans Lost Ball cigars that are finished in a Connecticut wrapper are dressed in colorful blue-and-white cigar bands with gold accents. A silky blond wrapper leaf glistens over a mixed-filler amalgam of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos. When I slip a Churchill from the center of a freshly opened batch, nutty aromas of hay, earth, and oak emerge the second the cellophane is off. The Lost Ball shows no noticeable soft spots when I gently squeeze the cigar from head to foot between my fingers.

With a quick clip to the cap, the cold draw smacks of almond paste and cereal with a subtle, tangy spice in the background. Notably, the draw is ideal – neither constricted nor too loose – which gives me great assurance once again that Rocky is a master of making consistent Fumas. After toasting the foot for a minute, creamy and tasteful streams of smoke layer the palate with notes of nuts and a bit of wood and black pepper.

‘RP’ Mulligans Lost Ball is approachable and mild. When it comes to inexpensive Cuban-sandwich bundles, I’m not waiting for a wow factor to upend my appraisal of high-end cigars. I’m satisfied with better-than-average flavor, aroma, and performance in a basic utility cigar that I can enjoy while I’m raking the leaves. Lost Ball is good enough to wind up in my regular rotation, and, moreover, I know it’s good enough to hand out to my novice pals who want to smoke an impromptu cigar with me – or grab a few to go after visiting my abode. You don’t need an overly developed palate to appreciate the tasting notes in good Fumas cigars.

After fifty minutes of smoking, the flavor hasn’t changed much. It’s mostly nutty and toasty with hints of cedar, oak, and fresh bread down to the nub. Best of all, the Lost Ball burns evenly from the first puff to the last – a feat Cuban-sandwich cigars sometimes fall short of. Sure, the ash was flaky in a few spots, but it did little to deter my satisfaction, thanks to the cigar’s adequate flavor and performance.  

Twenty scrumptious Lost Ball Churchills go for a paltry $2.99 apiece, or $59.95 for a bundle – 67% off MSRP all day, every day. That’s a tough deal to beat from any brand, much less a marquee name like Rocky Patel. Plus, Mulligans cigars are crafted to Rocky’s stringent standards for quality and consistency – and they taste pretty darn good. Grab a bundle for your coolerdor and prove me wrong.

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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