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Best Cameroon Wrapper Cigars

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Cameroon cigars are rolled with a Cameroon wrapper leaf. Wrapper classified as Cameroon is technically grown in two different countries in Africa: Cameroon and the Central African Republic. Cameroon wrapper has become rarer over the years. It is grown exclusively by the Meerapfel family who began financing Cameroon production in the 1960s. They eventually formed a private company to continue growing and exporting tobacco after the French government pulled out of the region in the 1990s. Ongoing civil unrest has made farming Cameroon tobacco challenging. The leaf is cultivated in direct sunlight by a contingent of local farmers in central Africa who farm their crops without modern amenities like tractors and irrigation plans.

Cameroon tobacco is prized for its toothy appearance and a rich, sweet taste that’s just a touch spicy. The bulk of Cameroon wrapper is sold to the Fuente family. Arturo Fuente cigars include several high-profile Cameroon blends. Many brands claim to use Cameroon wrapper, but if it did not come from the Meerapfel family, it’s not authentic Cameroon. When you want to taste this precious and expensive leaf, smoke one the best Cameroon cigars you can buy from our list below.

1.  Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Arturo Fuente Hemingway is the undisputed number one Cameroon cigar in the world. It’s blended by legendary cigar-maker Carlito Fuente and has been a top seller for several decades. The line is popular for its flavor and the tapered shapes the cigars are rolled in – an entire collection of Perfectos that start at four inches and stretch to nine. The small stature of attractive formats like the Work of Art and Shorty Story have no shortage of admirers. In 2019, Hemingway Work of Art was rated 94 points and given a ‘Top 10’ ranking in Cigar Aficionado. Premium aged Dominican long-filler tobaccos fill out the interiors of these skillfully handmade cigars. Sumptuous tasting notes of cedar, nuts, brown sugar, and baking spices display plenty of Fuente family hallmarks in a medium-bodied profile you can smoke with coffee, bourbon, and rum.

Strength: Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon

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2.  Arturo Fuente Don Carlos

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos is named for Carlos Fuente Sr., the cigar-maker who built the company into the brand we know and love today. Like the Hemingway line, a glistening Cameroon wrapper leaf conceals a vintage blend of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos, but Don Carlos is rolled in classic formats, like the Robusto, Presidente, and Belicoso. It’s a just a touch stronger than Hemingway with notes of dark roast coffee, chestnuts, and sweet spices throughout. The classic line is rated 94 points while a very rare edition of Don Carlos called Eye of the Shark scored 97 points and a ‘#1 Cigar of the Year’ title from Cigar Aficionado in 2017. Discover the pinnacle of Cameroon blending with a Don Carlos cigar today.

Strength: Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon

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3.  Nub Cameroon

Nub cigars are best known for their short fat shapes. The brand is handmade at the Oliva factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, in four bestselling blends. One of the most popular is Nub Cameroon. Under the wrapper is a well-assembled recipe of premium Nicaraguan long-fillers. Four stubby formats unleash a cool-burning profile of roasted nuts, cinnamon, and cedar with a bit of zest around the edges. Nub Cameroon is a cigar you smoke because you really enjoy extra-thick shapes. Despite their short lengths, Nub cigars burn for a longer time than you would expect before you reach the finish. Scoop up a box of Nub Cameroon from one of our big weekly discounts.

Strength: Medium
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Cameroon

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4.  New World Cameroon by AJ Fernandez

A milky Cameroon wrapper encapsulates a full-bodied blend of Nicaraguan long-fillers in New World Cameroon, a blend created by boutique cigar-maker AJ Fernandez. Tasting notes of wood, pepper, cocoa, and fresh coffee mingle in a collection of traditional shapes. A sweet and spicy aftertaste lingers following a hearty finish. When you’re looking for a hot new box to smoke, keep an eye out for New World Cameroon by AJ Fernandez when a juicy Holt’s discount is kicked in on your favorite shape.

Strength: Full
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Cameroon

Shop New World Cameroon Cigars

5.  CAO Cameroon

A gingerbread-hued wrapper conceals a tidy blend of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos in a popular box-pressed collection. CAO Cameroon has been a staple in the brand’s portfolio for years, which is owned by General Cigar Company. Nutty notes of dried fruit, toffee, and wood characterize this appealing Cameroon blend with its medium-bodied finish and consistent draw. As Cameroon tobacco becomes harder for cigar-makers to procure, it’s nice to know there are a handful of brands you can turn to who’ve been making it the same way for decades.

Strength: Medium
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Cameroon

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