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Best Cigar Holders for Every Occasion

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Shane K.

You can’t take an ashtray everywhere you go. That’s why a good cigar holder is a wise investment and one that will spare you from losing an untold number of premium cigars to the great outdoors. Golfing, hunting, fishing, camping, going for a boat ride, and doing yard work are the main occasions where a cigar holder will save the day. The best cigar holders are designed to grip your cigar without crushing it in a variety of windy, unsteady, and challenging circumstances. Here are four reliable cigar holders to consider tossing in your golf bag or tackle box.

#1 - DivPro Golf Tool

The DivPro Golf Tool is a sleek multipurpose tool you can use to hold your cigar, mark the position of your golf ball, clean the heads of your golf clubs and cleats, and puncture a beer can with a shotgun opening. A powerful magnet is built in underneath the ball maker (with the DivPro logo), making it easy to keep track of your golf tool. Savor your next golf cigar like a pro!

#2 - Get A Grip Cigar Clip

Clip your cigar to a ton of different surfaces with the Get a Grip Cigar Clip. A pivoting handle keeps your cigar level to ensure an even burn. Grasp a 66-ring-gauge cigar with ease and keep your cigar steady, dry, and off the ground. Get A Grip is an asset you can fasten to your golf cart, lawn chair, picnic table, or canoe paddle.

#3 - Stage V Clinger Cigar Clip

The Stage V Clinger Cigar Clip grips a nice variety of different ring gauge cigars with a simple ribbed clamp. Two powerful magnets hold the clinger in place on a variety of metal surfaces. A Velcro strap fastens the Clinger to non-metal surfaces too. The firm commercial-grade alloy cradles a cigar with just the right amount of tension.

#4 - Oliva Golf Tool

The Oliva Golf Tool includes a divot you can stick in the ground as well as a simple fold-out cigar scissors. Easily fasten it to a belt loop when you’re moving between holes. The Oliva Golf Tool gently secures your cigar in the aperture when you’re lining up your next shot. Smoking a cigar while golfing has never been more enjoyable. Oliva fans should keep an eye on our Oliva deals because we feature the golf tool as a recurring freebie when you buy a box.

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