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The Guide to Smoking Cigars and Golfing

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Holt's Staff

From the first moment a golf ball was driven across the Scottish Highlands 500 years ago, the game established itself as one that embodies sportsmanship and leisurely camaraderie. Centuries later, the golf course is a destination prized for its seamless ability to coax armies of cigar fanatics from the comfortable confines of their man caves outside for fresh air and an afternoon of relaxation and competitive congregation.

If you’re obsessed with birdies, bogies, and working on your back swing while you navigate the back nine, no stroll over the greens can possibly be complete without a fine cigar trapped in your sun-kissed grin. What unites a cigar and the golf course so effortlessly is a mix of things. Perhaps it’s a matter of pleasurable concentration, an extended afternoon unbothered by spouses or work, or the delicate balance between the elation or frustration of making or missing a tough shot—a cause for celebration, or a reason to momentarily cower in discomposure. Either way, it’s befitting to take in the taste and the aroma of a cigar, be it for escapism, moral support, or the ceremony of winning.

It could be you’re a bigger fan of watching Caddyshack than The Majors. However seriously you approach your golf game deserves the chance of improvement with a great cigar to keep your nerves relaxed. We’ve compiled a list of quality smokes we consider classics for anytime you’re out on the fairway. Legions of cigar fiends swear by the following choices when they’re traversing the greens.

A Little Length Goes a Long Way

Ashton Classic was practically born for the golf course. A creamy Connecticut Shade wrapper cradles a luscious amalgam of aged Dominican binder and filler tobaccos that are patiently assembled in the legendary Fuente factory in the Dominican Republic. Approachable notes of buttered toast, honey, cashews and black pepper couldn’t better complement an entire afternoon spent hitting a hole in one, or contemplating how to rescue your game from a tricky sand trap. We recommend the Prime Minister or the Churchill formats, sight unseen. Each of these shapes will burn for a good bit of time and the blend is so creamy, it’s impossible to overdo it. If you’re kind enough to pick up a box to share with your pals, we guarantee they’ll throw a parade in your honor.

Country Club Connections

If you’re a member of the country club and money is no object, by all means pick up a pricey Davidoff Aniversario and impress your pals with a $30 Double R hoisted up in a hand that’s clad in a monogramed golf glove. The extended 7.5 x 50 shape burns slow enough, plenty of people will get a chance to see you smoking it. A silky Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf hugs a rich and flavorful core of Dominican tobaccos that deliver nutty flavors of coffee beans and cedar. Cigars handcrafted in the Davidoff factory can be a bit spendy, but the aroma is sure to encourage your pals to ask if they can bum one, especially if you tote your clubs around in a moneybag. We suggest hitting a few practice rounds to make sure your game is as golden as your taste in fine cigars.

Easy Pleasing Icons

Want a brand that won’t break the bank, with a name all your pals have heard of? Macanudo Cafe is a quintessential golf ‘gar thanks to its wide availability, familiar branding and its mild, easygoing profile. A touch of spice accompanies notes of toasted nuts, wood, and coffee with cream. A golden Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf rests over an eventful blend of Mexican and Dominican tobaccos that burns seamlessly with an even ash that won’t make you look like you’ve been using your golf shirt as an ashtray. Go for the ever-popular 7.5 x 49 format of Prince Philip. It’ll get you through 18 holes with pleasant flavor that won’t make you woozy in the head.

A Nice Bang for Your Bunker

Rocky Patel fans are well-acquainted with Rocky’s undeniable obsession with sports. He’s released cigars named for famous football, baseball and hockey players in the past. Whether or not he’s got a cigar blend on the radar to commemorate his favorite golf icon, we’re not sure. But, we can promise Rocky Patel Vintage 1999 is supremely ideal for a relaxing, all day affair on the links. A shimmering, golden Connecticut Shade wrapper bounds a bountiful selection of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers with a medium-bodied profile handcrafted in Honduras. Stick with a 7 x 48 Churchill and indulge in an approachable, but slightly amplified taste of white pepper, crème brûlée and creamy spices that will aide concentration and win the adoration of your taste buds as you casually walk the course.

Repelling a Bad Game

If you’re the type who’s likely to send your nine iron flying into an airborne rage because you missed a shot, or perhaps a gentlemanly wager didn’t go your way, you may require a more vigorous distraction. We suggest the Padron 1964 Anniversary to cool off any unwanted irritation as you tee off. Flavorful and bold, this full-bodied Nicaraguan masterpiece boasts an earthy flavor highlighted by creamy, leathery notes of cinnamon and cayenne peppers. The lustrous sheen of an oily Nicaraguan wrapper leaf greets the eye and guarantees to take the edge off from the very first draw. Decide on the Diplomatico shape for an extended smoke. Getting teed off with the prestigious taste of a Padron 1964 is virtually impossible.

As you narrow down the best golf cigars to smoke on for your favorite course, pick up a handful of essential accessories like a cigar holder or a cigar clip for the golf cart. A powerful, wind-resistant torch lighter can never be underestimated, and a travel humidor is always great for occasions you plan to share your cigar collection with your pals, because who really likes to golf solo anyway? We sell a ton of functional cigar and golf gear designed to make your game tip top. Get out there before the sun goes down.

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