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Smoking Cigars on the Golf Course: What You Need to Know

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The golf course is a sacred place to smoke cigars. You’re focused on playing a solid game. You’re with your pals. You’re getting some sun and fresh air. And there’s nobody nearby to complain about your cigar. Sounds like heaven to me. The golf course is the perfect place to smoke cigars in public. Besides getting your hands on some good cigars for golfing, we’ve got cigar gear to make your game perfect with a few tips and some etiquette to consider before you tee off.

Permission to Smoke Granted

Nothing irks cigar lovers more than being told they can’t smoke outside. While it’s safe to assume you can smoke on most courses, it’s wise to confirm cigars are okay before you fire up an expensive Padrón, and somebody complains.

Bring Enough Cigars to Share

Imagine if somebody was smoking a cigar, that smelled and looked awesome, next to you for an hour or two, but you couldn’t smoke one of your own. Bring enough cigars to share with whoever you’re playing with. It never hurts to haul along a bundle of affordable cigars, like Rocky Patel Mulligans, in case more people show up to play than you anticipated.

Pack a Wind-Proof Torch

One of the most frustrating things about smoking a cigar outside is how long it can take to light it if you haven’t got the right equipment. A reliable wind-proof torch is essential. Powerful butane jets make it ten times easier to smoke in the wind and relight a cigar if it goes out.

Get a Grip on Your Cigar

A cigar clip or cigar holder, like the DivPro Golf Tool, Get A Grip Cigar Clip, or the Oliva Golf Tool, ensures your cigar will stay in one place while you concentrate on your next shot. Forget about setting your cigar on the ground or watching it roll off the edge of the golf cart. Cigar clips fasten to almost any surface, and some can be inserted into the ground to secure your cigar far from harm’s way in between puffs.

Cigar Case Saves the Day

Premium handmade cigars are precious cargo. It’s easy to crack a cigar’s wrapper when you’re hauling it around a golf course. Get a durable cigar case or travel humidor designed to cradle your cigars with the utmost care. Some come with a foam lining that cushions any abuse your cigars take when you’re on the greens.

Bring Bigger Cigars

Longer cigars burn for a longer time, and they’re also easier to hold in your mouth when your hands are occupied because the heat and the smoke is further from your face. That’s why Churchills and Double Coronas are the some of the best cigars to smoke on the golf course. A lot of golfers go for big cigars – 7 or 8 inches long.

Be Considerate

If you’re cruising around in the golf cart with folks who don’t smoke cigars, sit in the back seat so you don’t offend anyone. Even though you’re outside, watch where you drop your ash so you’re not making a mess on the course.

Dispose of the Nub

When you’re all done with your cigar, make sure the nub is fully extinguished and dispose of it. Sure, cigars are made of biodegradable tobacco, but nobody wants to see cigar butts littering a golf course.

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