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Things to Do While Enjoying a Cigar Outside

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Shane K.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, there are plenty of pastimes you can combine with a fine cigar. With warmer temps in the forecast, you don’t have to brave the cold to enjoy a cigar. If your local lounge is closed and you don’t have a bona fide man cave to smoke in at home, here are the top outdoor activities you can enjoy when you want to indulge in a premium cigar. Toss a few cigars in your glovebox or backpack the next time you head out the door.

1. Smoke a Cigar on the Golf Course

Whether you treat the game of golf as a leisurely pastime or you fall into a frustrated rage and whip your clubs around like helicopter blades, smoking a cigar on the greens is relaxing. Cigars encourage a calm demeanor in almost any circumstances, especially when you’re golfing. Invest in a cigar holder you can mount to the golf cart or stick in the ground and you’ll have ample time to concentrate on your next shot. Fire up an Ashton Churchill or a San Cristobal Elegancia Churchill when you’ve got 18 holes in front of you.

2. Fire Up While You’re Manning the Grill

Hovering over a stack of red-hot charcoals while the steaks start to sizzle is an ideal time to smoke a cigar. Smoke is already billowing into the backyard in all directions, so it’s hard for any bystanders to complain that the sweet aroma of your cigar is interrupting their afternoon. Throw another rack of ribs on the fire and crack open a cold beer while you puff away on a La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor.

3. Cigars & Yard Work

Yard ‘gars are essential when you’re mowing the lawn, raking leaves, washing the car, or painting the porch. The best yard ‘gars burn straight and taste great without gutting your monthly cigar budget. When you’re outside laboring over the landscaping, it’s best to smoke an inexpensive cigar – one that you won’t cry over if it rolls off the ladder and lands in the grass. Bargain-friendly bundles of Bella Cuba, Rocky Patel, and Don Lino deliver above-average flavor at rock-bottom prices.

4. Puff Away in the Backyard Hammock

Long and luscious cigars like an Ashton Cabinet Selection No. 10 or Arturo Fuente Hemingway Masterpiece are perfect companions when you’re kicking back in a lawn chair or the backyard hammock with your favorite book. Spend an afternoon sipping on a mojito while the silky aroma of your cigar mixes in with the breeze.

5. Gather Round the Campfire with a Good Cigar

Once you pitch the tent and the bonfire’s built, it’s time to crack open the coolerdor and pass out some premium handmades to go with the cold beer you’re drinking with your pals. Hearty Nicaraguan cigars from La Aroma de Cuba and Cain taste great in front of a crackling fire while the stars come out. When you’re out in the woods, good cigars also make a nice bear repellant.

6. Smoking, Hunting, and Fishing

Great outdoorsmen are some of the biggest aficionados you’ll meet. Firing up in the fishing boat or a deer stand is a pleasurable way to pass time while you’re waiting to drop your prey or reel in a big one. Stick an Oliva Serie V in the pocket of your Carhartt before you hike into the timber.

7. Smoke a Cigar in the Car

Okay, it’s debatable if being in your car counts as being outside, but you’re not in the house so we’ll roll with it. A leather interior is best for smoking in the car, but you can always blast the seats with a bottle of Febreze. Crack the windows and slide a Vertigo Road Trip Travel Ashtray into a cup-holder before you hit the gas. Long drives and long cigars are a match made in heaven.

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