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The Top 10 Best Cigar Cutters

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The best cigar cutters deliver a flawless draw and won’t mangle the head of your cigar when you’re cutting the cap off. There are three main types of cigar cutters: a guillotine (straight cutter), a punch, and a V-cutter. When cigar lovers ask us what type of cigar cutter is best, we tell them it’s a matter of preference. How loose or tight you like the draw on your cigar and what size and shape of cigar you smoke can determine what cigar cutter is best for you. If you just need a good cheap cigar cutter, you can always grab an inexpensive 5-Pack of Holt’s Guillotine Cutters to toss in your golf bag. But when you want a cool cigar cutter that will last a long time, we’ve outlined best ones on the market today.


Best Guillotine Cutters

#1 - Savoy Steel Cutter

Function, price, and cool-factor are three benefits you get in a Savoy Steel Cutter. Choose either a black or chrome finish and cut your cigars with the seamless snap Savoy delivers at a great value. Savoy cutters are outfitted in a firm alloy housing and come with a sleek leather sheath for about $28. You can cut just about every kind of cigar with a classic double-blade straight cutter.


Shop Savoy Steel Cutters

#2 - Xikar Xi1

Double guillotine blades housed in a locking, spring-loaded aluminum shell make the Xikar Xi1 Cutter as practical and durable as it is ergonomic. It will cut any 54-ring cigar in half, and can neatly take the cap off cigars that are up to a 60-ring gauge. Choose from a big selection of colorful finishes for around $56 and get an unlimited number of flawless cigar cuts thanks to Xikar’s lifetime warranty.


Shop Xikar Xi1 Cutters

#3 - Xikar XO Cutter

Xikar XO is an innovative and popular cigar cutter. You’re guaranteed a perfect cut every time thanks to dual stainless steel blades that expand and retract in a geared chassis. Cut a 64-ring cigar in half with ease. The sturdy round aluminum cutter is pocket-friendly, sporty, and reliable. The Xikar XO Cutter ranges from about $90 to $117 depending on the finish.


Shop Xikar XO Cutters

Best Punch Cutters

#4 - Xikar 009 Punch Cutter

Deliver a quick punch to your favorite cigar with the easy action of a Xikar 009 Punch Cutter. The recessed blade emerges with a simple pull and seamlessly recedes with an easy push. The Xikar 009 is equipped with a keyring and comes in sleek, contemporary finishes for around $36. Offer t cut everybody’s cigar at your next herf with a Xikar.


Shop Xikar 009 Punch Cutters

#5 - Xikar 011 Spark Plug Punch Cutter

When you need a reliable bullet for your keyring, the Xikar 011 Spark Plug Punch Cutter is sporty and functional. Variable locking positions guarantee your blade won’t go in too deep when you’re punching a cigar. Mounted on a durable, weather-resistant key ring, the design is modeled to look like a spark plug. A razor-sharp 11mm cylindrical blade expands and retracts on a convenient ball-bearing system. Tuck the blade in with a few twists for added safety when it’s in your pocket.  


Shop Xikar 011 Spark Plug Punch Cutters

Best V-Cutters

#6 - Lotus Jaws V-Cutter

Price and performance are the biggest advantages of the Lotus Jaws V-Cutter. Ultra-smooth cutting action is available in a lightweight, ergonomic design for about $27. A razor-sharp blade delivers a flawless draw on a variety of cigar formats, including Torpedo and 60-ring gauge options. Choose from a handful of sleek finishes.


Shop Lotus Jaws V-Cutters

#7 - Xikar VX V-Cutter

Fans of the wedge cut will love the Xikar VX V-Cutter. An inverted stainless steel blade sets the VX apart from all other V-Cutters as it will not inadvertently shred the cap on your cigar. The VX design reverses the pressure point that complicates a typical V-Cutter, as the outer edges of the blade slide forward ahead of the apex. Cut up to a 64-ring gauge cigar with ease. The VX is available in a handful of sporty aluminum finishes and includes the brand’s unconditional lifetime warranty.


Shop Xikar VX V-Cutters

Cigar Scissors

#8 - Xikar MTX Cutter

The Xikar MTX Cutter is more than a simple cigar scissors. The MTX hosts a variety of utilitarian tools, including a bottle opener, small screwdriver, cigar poker, and a flame adjuster for your lighter. Snip the cap on an incredibly fat cigar thanks to razor-sharp dual blades that open wide. The lightweight stainless steel design fastens to a key ring and folds up with ease, making it one of the only pocket-friendly cigar scissors in existence. A lifetime Xikar warranty is the icing on the cake.


Shop Xikar MTX Cutters

#9 - Visol Scissors Cutter

Visol Scissors Cutter can cut a 60-plus ring gauge cigar seamlessly because there is no aperture surrounding the blades. If you’re primarily a smoker of fat cigars who prefers an accurate cut, Visol Scissors get the job done in a balanced, durable design for around $35.


Shop Visol Scissors Cutters

Big-Ring Cutters

#10 - Xikar X8 Cutter

Go big or go home with the beefy profile of a big, fat cigar thanks to the clean, precision cut a Xikar X8 Cutter delivers. No job is too tough for a cutter that can siphon off the cap from up to a whopping 70-ring gauge cigar. Your pals are guaranteed to wonder if you invited Marie Antoinette to your next herf. Execute every cut with an awe-inspiring, razor-sharp performance courtesy of Xikar’s signature stainless steel blades and a lifetime warranty.


Shop Xikar X8 Cutters

Is It Better to Cut or Punch a Cigar?

Whether you prefer a straight cut or a punch on your cigar is a matter of personal choice. A punch cut will provide a tighter, more concentrated draw while a straight cut offers a looser draw with more airflow and smoke production. Knowing how to cut your cigar correctly will make a difference in how it smokes.

The shape of your cigar will also influence what kind of cut you should choose. A Torpedo or Pyramid, for example, tapers sharply to a point at the head and, therefore, it isn’t feasible to use a bullet cutter. Thicker, big ring gauge cigars will be tougher to pull on with a single punch cut. But if you want to use a punch on a fatter cigar, consider punching the cap in two or three places for a better draw.

If you like an easier draw with less effort, always choose a straight cutter. If you want a hotter draw with an added concentration of flavor, then a punch cutter will be best. Check out our video on How to Cut & Light a Cigar to get the hang of it.

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