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How to Smoke in the Wind

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Trust us, there’s a strong case to be made for smoking cigars indoors. At Holt’s, we smoke in our retail shop, our members lounge, and throughout our ventilated office complex, which is attached to our palatial humidified warehouse where we store and age over 550 cigar brands at the freshest conditions in the country before we ship them to your house. But not everybody has access to a good cigar lounge.

Many aficionados have no choice but to smoke outside, even if they have to smoke a cigar in the cold. That means you’ve got to come up with creative solutions for smoking cigars in inclement conditions. There’s also no shortage of things to do outdoors while you smoke a cigar. It’s tough to separate golfing and cigars or smoking a yard ‘gar while you’re mowing the grass. Because a strong breeze can ruin a good cigar when you’re smoking out in the open, follow our tips for smoking cigars in the wind.

Invest in a Windproof Cigar Lighter

You’ll never regret owning a reliable windproof cigar lighter when you need it. Some lighters are classified as windproof, but most lighters are wind resistant. Technically, windproof lighters are designed with a metal coil inside the jet to ensure the flame burns continually, even if a breeze threatens to extinguish it. Most cigar torch lighters are wind resistant, however. They have a powerful jet, or jets, that will light your cigar in most circumstances with ease. The S.T. Dupont Defi Extreme Torch Lighter is not only super-durable, but it’s engineered to light in very frigid temperatures, extreme heat, and altitudes as high as 11,000 feet. There are also dozens of high-performance torches to consider from Xikar, Jetline, Visol, and more.

It’s more challenging to light a cigar outside with a soft flame lighter versus a torch. Obviously, lighting a cigar with matches is going to be even harder in the wind. How you light a cigar can affect its taste, though, and that’s why some cigar lovers stick with one method over another.

Fill Your Lighter with Butane

Before you head out the door, fill your lighter with butane, and make sure it delivers a consistent flame. Knowing how to fix common lighter problems is essential. Imagine you’re stranded miles from shore without a light when you’ve been waiting for weeks to smoke cigars on your boat. It doesn’t hurt to bring a can of the best butane for your torch lighter too. Cigar lighters work harder and burn through more fuel than usual when you’re trying to light up in the wind.

Light Up Inside or Block the Wind

If you can, light your cigar indoors before you step outside. If you can’t, duck behind whatever shelter is available to light your cigar correctly. One of the most crucial steps in enjoying your smoke is getting an even burn on your cigar. The wind can interfere with your cigar’s burn if one side burns hotter and faster than the other or the wrapper starts to unravel. Opening an umbrella or ducking behind a tree can offer just enough protection from the wind to shield your flame long enough to light up.

Know How to Fix Common Cigar Problems

Common cigar problems like a cracked wrapper, or a dry, over-humidified, or plugged cigar are exacerbated when you’re smoking in the wind. There are simple remedies for repairing a cracked cigar wrapper that will come in handy if you’re trying to smoke on a gusty day.  

Get a Cigar Clip

When you’re on the golf course or you’re camping or fishing with cigars, a cigar holder or clip is a lifesaver. Your cigar won’t roll away if you secure it with a clip when you need to set it down. Many of them are easy to fasten to a golf cart, a tent pole, or you can simply stick them in the ground.

Do Not Light Other Items on Fire to Light Your Cigar

This might seem like pretty obvious advice, but it bears repeating for any pyromaniacs or amateurs in the audience. Sometimes the wind is just too strong, so why not light your cigar off a bigger flame like a campfire or a bale of hay? That’s not a wise move. You’re likely to singe off your eyebrows if you’re trying to light a cigar off a roaring fire. If it’s that windy, save your cigar for a nicer day.

Smoke Heartier Cigars

Cigars with thicker wrapper leaves, like an Ecuador Sumatra, Habano, or Oscuro fare better outside because they possess a stronger vein structure. Ashton VSG, My Father Le Bijou 1922, Oliva Serie V, and San Cristobal are beefy, well-made cigars that stand up to the elements. You’ll encounter more issues smoking a cigar with a fragile wrapper, like a Cameroon, outdoors.

Now that you’re schooled in smoking in the wind, take your cigars hiking, hang gliding, or pop your head out the window when you’re smoking cigars in the car. When your man cave is the great outdoors, review the best cigars for the summertime, and start filling your coolerdor today.

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