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Best Cigar Punches

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A cigar punch, or bullet cutter, is a small cylindrical device (about the size of a bullet) with a circular blade designed to remove the center of a cigar’s cap. In addition to a straight cut and V-cut, a punch cut is one of the three main ways to cut a cigar. A punch cutter leaves the cap on your cigar intact and creates a more concentrated draw than a straight cutter because the smoke is funneled through a smaller opening when you take a puff of your cigar. If you prefer Torpedo-shaped cigars, a punch cutter is not for you because cigars that taper sharply at the head are not compatible with the circular blade of a punch.

How you cut your cigar makes a difference in how it will smoke. For this reason, cigar lovers are finicky about how they cut their cigars. Using a punch cutter is easy, but it’s most effective if you remove the cellophane from your cigar before you cut it because it can be tough to penetrate the cellophane and the cap at the same time. The key to cutting a cigar with a punch cutter is to gently twist the blade into the cap and then pull it out. A portion of your cigar’s cap (equal to the circumference of the blade) is removed. Avoid using too much force with a punch cutter or you can crack the cap on your cigar.

Best Punch Cutters

Here are three reliable punch cutters to consider buying.

1.  Xikar 009 Punch Cutter

The Xikar 009 Punch Cutter is the best punch cutter you can buy today. This innovative design features a retractable 9mm blade that pops out when you pull out the lower portion of the cutter to expand its profile. When you return the blade to its closed position, any remnants of tobacco stuck in the aperture are automatically expelled, keeping your cutter free of debris. The Xikar 009 Punch Cutter comes with a durable keyring, ensuring you never leave home without it. Plus, it’s covered under Xikar’s unbeatable lifetime warranty. Choose from a handful of popular finishes.


Shop Xikar 009 Punch Cutter

2.  Visol Odair Punch Cutter

The Visol Odair Punch Cutter is lightweight and looks formal with its black and chrome finish. This simple twist-out punch reveals a 7mm blade for a slightly tighter draw. If you prefer a bullet cut but with more air flow, remember you can always punch the cap multiple times to get a bigger draw. The sturdy chrome keyring makes it easy to take the Visol Odair everywhere you go.


Shop Visol Odair Punch Cutters

3.  Visol Huron Punch Cutter

The Visol Huron Punch Cutter looks like a classic, no-frills bullet. When you unscrew the cover, a razor-sharp stainless steel blade is ready for action. The center (inside the blade) is spring loaded for a fast and easy discharge of any tobacco stuck in the cutter. After you cut your cigar, twist the cap back onto your cutter, and you’re ready to smoke. Keep the Huron on your keyring, and be prepared to cut your next cigar even if it’s an impromptu treat. Because Visol cigar accessories are reliable and affordable, you won’t have to panic if your cutter gets lost or a fellow cigar lover forgets to hand it back to you. And, if that’s the case, you can cut a cigar without a cutter too.


Shop Visol Huron Punch Cutter

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