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Best Desktop Humidors

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The best desktop cigar humidors are functional and stylish. A good desktop humidor should fit in with your office or man cave and keep your cigars fresh with minimal maintenance. You want a box that’s big enough to hold all your cigars but won’t take up unnecessary space. Premium cigars should be stored at 70% RH (relative humidity) and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Here are the best desktop humidors to consider for a variety of budgets. 

Quality Storage for the Best Value

1.  Savoy Mesquite Humidor

We’re big fans of Savoy humidors because the brand’s quality, price, and finish options equal the most bang for your buck. Mesquite is a top-selling finish thanks to its eye-catching distressed woodgrain and a lustrous coat of lacquer. Savoy humidors are crafted with a fragrant Spanish cedar interior, sturdy corner hinges, and a deep lip around the inside of the lid for a reliable seal. Each box is equipped with an analog hygrometer and a classic reservoir designed to maintain consistent humidity for a long period of time. The Mesquite is available in a 25, 50, or 100-cigar capacity for around $112 to $168, but select colors, like Macassar Ebony, also come in an extra-large size that can hold up to 150 cigars.


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A Great Starter Humidor

2.  Artisan Champagne Humidor

Start simple with an inexpensive Artisan humidor if you’re just getting into cigars. The Champagne finish is crafted with a light burl woodgrain. This well-made humidor goes for under $30 and is outfitted with a puck-style reservoir, brass hinges, an interior divider, and an efficient seal for maintaining a consistent level of humidity. Spanish cedar lines the inside of the box, which can hold up to 25 cigars. If you prefer a darker finish, consider the Hamilton or the Outlaw models. 


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Save on Space

3.  Savoy Desktop Humidor

When you don’t need to store an entire box of cigars, the Savoy Desktop holds 12 singles comfortably and its thin profile makes it easy to slide into a desk drawer or display on your desktop without taking up a lot of space. Enjoy Savoy’s reputation for quality materials and construction in a flat box equipped with a magnetic seal. A slim reservoir stays in place thanks to foam supports on each end, which is ideal if you decide to travel with your humidor or pack it in a suitcase. Choose from four popular finishes, including a leather option for around $80.


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Traditional Looks for an Affordable Price

4.  Rochester Cherrywood Humidor

The Rochester Cherrywood Humidor is available in a standard 25-cigar capacity, or a larger size that holds up to 100 cigars and comes with a removable interior shelf. Sturdy corner hinges, plus a single piano hinge, create plenty of support for the lid and guarantee a tight seal. The dark mahogany-colored matte finish is sleek and conservative and fits in perfectly in almost any home or office. Rochester humidors come with a classic analog hygrometer and a foam reservoir that delivers a steady supply of humidity to your cigars. This traditional box goes for around $60 for the smaller size and $80 for the large. 


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Top-Shelf Materials & Finish

5.  Savoy Executive Santos Rosewood

You can spend several thousands of dollars for a handcrafted humidor from Elie Bleu or Davidoff, but the Savoy Executive Series is equally impressive and far more affordable for around $250 to $430, depending on the size and finish. Four attractive veneers are available, and the Santos Rosewood is one of the bestsellers with its sweeping, caramel-hued woodgrain. What differentiates the Executive Series from the classic Savoy line are its premium materials and added attention to detail and craftsmanship.

The Executive is made entirely from premium Spanish cedar hardwoods fitted with interlocking joints and extra-sturdy corner hinges. A tight cavity is precisely assembled around the interior edges of the lid to embrace a deep lower lip for a more aggressive seal. Tidy cedar slots have been integrated into the lid to hold Boveda humidity pouches for added convenience. Fasten the lock with a tasseled key to keep prying fingers out of your precious cigar collection. A removable, vented interior shelf is standard in the larger sizes. Additional finishes include Olive Ash, Macassar Ebony, and Matte Mahogany. Look no further than a Savoy Executive humidor for optimal reliability, aesthetics, and longevity.


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