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Top Underrated Dominican Cigars

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Shane K.

Underrated cigars often offer overwhelming value. Underrated cigars are hardly lacking in quality or taste. They simply miss out on the critical fanfare that bigger brands receive. Some of the bestselling and most reviewed cigars available fall into the underrated category. In some cases, they are house brands or small-batch exclusives. Brands that were discontinued years ago and revived for bargain hunters are often underrated. And, an underrated brand may also be a side project or bundle created by a well-known cigar-maker for price-conscious consumers. Some of these hidden gems are considered the best Dominican cigars by seasoned aficionados. Underrated cigars are perfect for poker nights when you want an affordable brand to pass out to your pals, or something good to smoke during an afternoon of yard work. We’ve outlined the top underrated Dominican cigars below.

The Dominican Republic is home to many of the highest-rated and most popular cigars ever made. Famous name brands such as Ashton, Arturo Fuente, Macanudo, Montecristo, Cohiba, Romeo y Julieta, and many more are made in the Dominican Republic. Dominican cigars are well-known for their quality, consistency, and often mild and creamy flavor. Here are some outstanding underrated Dominican brands to add to your radar.

#1 - Argyle

For years, Argyle has been praised as the “The Most Trusted Name in Value Cigars.” While value is a priority in the creation of every Argyle cigar, the brand’s portfolio now rivals a number of celebrated companies with a truly versatile array of cigars that appeal to many palates, beginning at only 99-cents apiece.

The original Argyle blend is handcrafted from a creamy recipe of Dominican long-fillers and a golden-blond Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf. Argyle Banquet adds a touch of extravagance to the brand with an ultra-refined profile of vintage tobaccos dressed in pristine white boxes. Argyle Fumas feature a Cuban-sandwich recipe in either a Sumatra wrapper or a Connecticut Shade option. Fans of darker, spicier cigars prefer Argyle Maduro and Argyle White Glove. Try one of the mouthwatering Argyle samplers like the ‘Black Tie’ Assortment or ‘Micro Batch’ Monster Deal for a thorough introduction to the brand’s many rich, well-made profiles.

#2 - Bella Cuba

Bella Cuba is among the most beloved of all Dominican-made bundles, both for its extravagant value and for its consistent and luscious flavor. The brand is actually crafted from an array of premium Cuban-sandwich tobaccos from the Dominican Republic embraced by your choice of a cocoa-hued Sumatra wrapper or a golden-blond Connecticut Shade leaf in Bella Cuba Shade.

Tasting notes of coffee beans, nuts, and peppers reign supreme in the original Bella Cuba blend, while a gently profile of cashews, almonds, and cedar blesses the palate in Bella Cuba Shade. Both are assembled in five well-blended and well-balanced traditional shapes.

Bella Cuba belongs on your radar when you’re craving a mellow and affordable bundle you won’t feel guilty about firing up when you’re performing a bit of yard work or walking the dog. However, you’re also getting much more than basic, rudimentary taste. Bella Cuba has been a customer favorite for many years, thanks to its silky flavor, lush aroma, and a reliable burn.

#3 - Don Lino

Don Lino is a dream come true for diehard discount hunters. Aficionados who were into cigars during the Cigar Boom of the 1990s may remember Don Lino as a premium handmade brand that sat alongside La Aurora in the portfolio of Nestor Miranda. Back then, Don Lino was packaged in fancy boxes and commanded a heftier price.

After disappearing deep into the blowout bin in cigar stores across the country, Don Lino re-emerged as a top-selling bundle brand, a.k.a., “The Don of Discounts.” Once the boxes were shed, the prices on Don Lino dropped as low as 99-cents per cigar.

Don’t be shy about trying a bundle of ultra-affordable Don Lino cigars. Sun Grown, Sumatra, Ecuador Habano, and Candela wrapper varietals embrace a marvelous combination of handcrafted Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers with nutty, woody, sweet, and spicy tasting notes. Decide on the Don Lino ‘Diamond Club’ Sampler and get acquainted with underrated Don Lino gems today.

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