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Holt's Top 10 Dominican Cigars

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Holt's Staff

Boasting the largest economy in the Caribbean and Central America, the Dominican Republic is known for many things, notably tourism, crystal-clear blue waters lapping at white sand beaches, and baseball. It also maintains a climate and topography consistent with the world’s most beautiful island nations, from which a rich history of growing tobacco has been nurtured.

Dominican cigars maintain a reputation for being some of the finest in the world, as many of the most talented cigar-making families from Cuba relocated to other Central American nations to pursue their craft following the U.S. trade embargo with Cuba in the 1960s. The Dominican Republic rose to prominence as a desirable cigar-making region in the decades following the embargo. Today, the country is home to many renowned brands, including Arturo Fuente, Ashton, and Davidoff, as well as a number of famous Cuban-legacy brands, such as Cohiba and Montecristo. Narrowing a list down to the top 10 Dominican cigars can be tough with so many great brands to choose from, but here is a list of our favorites, and we guarantee you can’t go wrong giving any of them a try!

#1 - Fuente Fuente Opus X

There is room for only a single cigar on the top of this list, and there is no more fitting choice than Fuente Fuente Opus X. Carlito Fuente blended this prized Dominican puro over many years with the utmost patience in growing a wrapper leaf in the Dominican Republic – a feat many said could not be accomplished. Clearly, he has proven any naysayers wrong. A rich and oily wrapper embraces an extensively aged core of all-Dominican binder and filler tobaccos that deliver undertones of leather, cedar, oak, figs, and spices with an exquisitely creamy and potent finish. Whenever you can get your hands on a rarity of this stature, we strongly recommend indulging.

#2 - Ashton VSG

Another gem brought to us by the Fuente family, Ashton Virgin Sun Grown (VSG) deservingly holds the second spot with its consistently high ratings, best-seller status, and industry-wide popularity. A dark, shimmering, and exceedingly rare Ecuador Sumatra wrapper leaf enshrouds the finest aged Dominican tobaccos grown by the Fuente family. The full-bodied taste is bold, flavorful, and built around a tantalizing mix of earth, cedar, spice, and leather. Ashton VSG immediately set a benchmark for taste, aroma and quality upon its debut nearly 20 years ago. Try a legendary Dominican cigar that hasn’t wavered an inch from its monumental reputation.

#3 - Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Our list would certainly be incomplete without a Dominican blend embraced by a quality Cameroon wrapper leaf. Arturo Fuente Hemingway best illustrates this combination with a revered medium-bodied cigar that displays a flavorful profile of earth, spice, and brown sugar. Hemingway has been considered among the finest and bestselling Dominican cigars available for decades. Delve into a Dominican-crafted icon synonymous with perfect aroma and a consistency that can easily be appreciated by new cigar lovers, as well as discerning enthusiasts.

#4 - Ashton

Ashton is a quintessential, handcrafted Dominican cigar sold in over 60 countries and an absolute must-try for anyone who loves premium cigars. A blond Connecticut Shade wrapper conceals a sumptuous amalgam of aged Dominican tobaccos that deliver unparalleled approachability and flavor. Notes of cedar, almonds and crème brulée resonate in this subtly delicious cigar. Taste a mild profile deserving of its many accolades and often considered among the best Dominican cigars available.

#5 - Romeo y Julieta 1875

Cigar lovers who crave balance from a mild to medium-bodied cigar can indulge in Romeo y Julieta 1875. Indulge in a perfect portrait of Dominican tobaccos beneath a caramel-hued Indonesian wrapper leaf. Romeo y Julieta 1875 melds notes of toasted nuts, peppers, and coffee, all of which culminate in a flavorful, and immensely popular, Cuban-heritage offering.

#6 - Macanudo Cafe

It’s impossible to talk about the best Dominican cigar brands without mentioning Macanudo. The iconic, original Macanudo Cafe is a well-known and widely distributed cigar that is ‘born to be mild.’ An eventful blend of Dominican and Mexican tobaccos lies under a Connecticut wrapper with cool, creamy flavor touched by a hint of spice. Taste a famously silky blend that has been the first cigar of countless aficionados over the years.

#7 - Montecristo

Cuban-legacy icon Montecristo boasts a mild profile of sweet, grassy flavors from magnificently blended Dominican binder and filler tobaccos beneath a glistening Connecticut wrapper leaf. A creamy finish delivers a satisfying aftertaste in a number of classic shapes. Modern-day Dominican Montecristo cigars enjoy an equally legendary reputation to their Cuban-made counterparts, and for good reason. The brand’s taste and consistency speak for themselves.

#8 - La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero

Not every Dominican cigar aficionado wants a mild blend, which is where the formidably potent La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero comes into play. Brand founder Litto Gomez blends a hearty profile of earth and cedar flavors with peppery overtones creating a powerful and robust experience. Not for the faint of heart, every La Flor Dominicana Double Ligero provides an expert balance of bite and smokeability, one that will satisfy and leave a lasting impression.

#9 - Davidoff Aniversario

Top-shelf aficionados can’t resist the smooth and luxurious profile of Davidoff Aniversario, even if the price is a bit on the steeper side. Flavors of cedar are deftly balanced with hints of nuts, cream, and coffee beans. You don’t have to wear white gloves to smoke Davidoff’s well-known white label cigars, but you’re guaranteed to get a taste of sophistication from a brand that specializes in satisfying the upper echelon of cigar fanatics with an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf over aged Dominican binder and filler tobaccos.

#10 - Cohiba

One of the most recognizable names in the cigar industry, Cohiba provides an ideal mix of Cuban-legacy flavors, resulting in an outstanding medium-bodied smoke. Blended from Dominican and Indonesian long-filler tobaccos beneath a delightful Cameroon wrapper, Cohiba is a consistent cigar with a tasty profile and great aroma. Don’t pass up an opportunity to taste a famous Cuban-heritage brand name, now proudly made in the Dominican Republic.

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