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The Top 5 Villiger Cigars

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Founded in 1888 in Lucerne, Switzerland, Villiger has been well-known for its small-format, machine-made cigars for generations. The large, family-owned tobacco conglomerate produces a number of top-selling cigarillos, including Villiger Export and Villiger-Kiel. In recent years, however, brand owner Heinrich Villiger turned his ambitions toward developing a premium portfolio of handmade cigars.

Although Villiger’s debut in 2008 as a handcrafted brand for the U.S. market was met with a lukewarm reception, a handful of high ratings in Cigar Aficionado captured the attention of cigar lovers. Bargain hunters especially embrace Villiger thanks to the incredible discounts we apply to the prices. Today, Villiger is a leader in the value category for thrifty aficionados who crave quality and consistency in their cigars but refuse to budge on price. Holt’s has been the official clearing house for premium Villiger cigars, with the lowest prices online, for the past ten years. Here are the bestselling Villiger boxes to add to your coolerdor.

#1 - Villiger Exclusivo USA

Villiger Exclusivo USA is a premium handmade blend, originally reserved for the gold-standard brick and mortar shops known as the TAA (Tobacconists’ Association of America). Choose from a trio of sizes drawn from a glistening Cuban-seed Nicaraguan wrapper leaf over a formidable blend of Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos. Notes of almond, coffee bean, leather, and cocoa mingle with a noticeable foundation of espresso and spice. Tasting notes aside, the discounts are simply too tough to pass up.

Strength: Medium-Full
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan

Shop Villiger Exclusivo USA Cigars

#2 - Villiger La Flor de Ynclan

Villiger La Flor de Ynclan catapulted the brand from relative obscurity into the spotlight with a 93-point rating and an appearance in Cigar Aficionado’s ‘Top 10 Cigars of the Year’ for 2017. The medium to full-bodied blend is handmade from an Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf and an ample recipe of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers. Shop a trio of classic shapes, that normally sell for over $12 per cigar (or $315 for a 25-count box), for a huge discount every day at Holt's. Notes of white pepper, molasses, and fresh ground coffee characterize one of Villiger’s highest-rated boxes.

Strength: Medium-Full
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

Shop Villiger La Flor de Ynclan Cigars

#3 - Villiger Cuellar Kreme

Villiger Cuellar Kreme is handcrafted in the Dominican Republic from a mild concoction of Dominican binder and filler tobaccos beneath a golden-blond Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf. Four popular shapes reveal notes of nougat, nuts, cedar, and earth with a mild to medium-bodied finish. Villiger Cuellar Kreme is an excellent selection when you need an inexpensive, casual cigar on the golf course. Forget about spending top dollar when you can scoop up these premium classics for pennies on the dollar from your pals at Holt’s. Dozens of satisfied customers have levied their praise on Cuellar Kreme in our customer reviews.

Strength: Mild-Medium
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut

Shop Villiger Cuellar Kreme Cigars

#4 - Villiger Cuellar Black Forest

Villiger Cuellar Black Forest cigars are named for Germany’s historic Black Forest, which is near the childhood home of company chairman Heinrich Villiger. A dark and shimmering San Andrés wrapper leaf harbors well-matched Dominican long-fillers blended to create a meaty profile of coffee bean, leather, and pepper in four traditional sizes. This dark and smoky gem earned 93 points from the critics in Cigar Aficionado.

Strength: Medium-Full
Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: San Andrés

Shop Villiger Cuellar Black Forest Cigars

#5 - Villiger Export

In addition to its newly minted portfolio of premium boxes, Villiger produces a popular collection of machine-made cigarillos, and Export is one of the bestselling small cigars in the world. These petite smokes are 4 inches long with a slender 37 ring gauge, and they’re available in three different wrappers: Brasil (Brazilian wrapper), Classic (Sumatra wrapper), and Maduro (Brazilian Maduro wrapper). Spicy, creamy, and woody flavors emerge in these pint-sized cigars.

Strength: Mild
Country: Switzerland
Wrapper: Varies

Shop Villiger Export Cigars

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