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What Made The Top 15 Highest Customer Rated Cigars List?

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Shane K.

Every hour of the day we receive new customer reviews on the thousands of cigars we sell. You can read customer reviews for our Top-Rated Cigars, as well as our Most-Reviewed Cigars, and get the gospel straight from the horse’s mouth: Holt’s customers. Because we’re always adding new reviews, new cigars emerge as customer favorites.

The cigars that our customers love the most are reflected in their reviews. You don’t have to take our word for it. Soak up some unbiased feedback from fellow cigar connoisseurs with a mix of our highest-rated and most-reviewed cigars when you’re looking for something new to smoke. Decide for yourself if these cigars are worthy of the 4 and 5-star praise they’ve earned.

#1 - Oliva Master Blends 3

The official crown jewel of the Oliva portfolio, Master Blends 3, is an undisputed first choice of aficionados everywhere and one of the most popular cigars we sell, period. Prestige, price, and quality combine in a cigar that reflects perfection.

"MB3 - Top Notch"

Due to the pricing, I rarely buy boxes of cigars (even though I know box price beats individual sticks or 5-packs). But when Oliva MB3's go on sale for under $100 for a box of 20 I will buy one. Oliva, in my opinion, makes some really good cigars. I personally think MB3's are just top-notch. So when they go on sale... treat yourself, you've earned a box!

01/08/2020  -  Jeffrey J. from Hedgesville, WV

#2 - Ashton VSG

Ashton VSG has spent twenty straight years as one of the most sought-after full-bodied Dominican cigars ever created. A masterful, 94-rated profile of leather, espresso beans, and earth delivers a sweet zest that cigar lovers can’t get enough of.  

"One of my favorite cigars"

This is probably the only cigar I enjoy in so many sizes. The Spellbound, the Torpedo, and my favorite size in the VSG line - the Wizard. VSG is a cigar I want to smoke for over an hour and a half. The rich and complex flavors are so enjoyable I don't want the cigar to end. An excellent full-bodied smoke. The VSG is a classic for me.

04/30/2019  -  Joe M. from Manalapan, NJ

#3 - Arturo Fuente Hemingway

Arturo Fuente Hemingway sets the benchmark for cigars blended with a Cameroon wrapper leaf. Hemingway debuted in 1983 and continues to leave an illustrious impression in an artful collection of 94-rated handmade Perfectos.

"Lives up to the hype!"

After reading much hype about the Arturo Fuente Hemingway series I decided to try my hand with the Short Story since winter is fast approaching in the Midwest. Once I received my box I couldn't wait to allow them to rest before firing one up. For such a small statured cigar this thing is full of flavors. Definitely worth the price and received just in time for winter.

11/18/2019  -  T F. from Columbus, OH

#4 - La Aroma de Cuba

Award-winning cigar-maker Jose ‘Pepin’ Garcia blends a consistent profile of cedar and black pepper with sweet intonations in La Aroma de Cuba. Its unsurpassed value resonates with a huge audience of cigar lovers.

"My Favorite Cigar"

La Aroma de Cuba Double Corona is to say the least a masterpiece by Pepin Garcia, a very complex cigar that evolves with every puff delivering different notes from cedar to cocoa. It’s a medium to full body cigar with a great looking wrapper and a great aroma liked even by non-smokers. By far my favorite cigar.

12/25/2019  -  Juan I. from Miami, FL

#5 - San Cristobal Quintessence

A hearty Nicaraguan profile of black pepper, molasses, and wood emerges in San Cristobal Quintessence. Pepin Garcia blends a top-shelf cigar from premium aged Nicaraguan long-fillers tucked under a glistening Ecuador Habano wrapper leaf.

"One of Garcia's best!"

I've smoked the Robusto in several samplers. Absolutely loved them so much I bought a box of Epicure, 6 x 52. I thought they would taste the same but longer smoking enjoyment. Nope! They were good but didn't taste as good as the Robusto. Holt's ran a special on these and I bought a box of Robustos. There is that wonderful taste I was looking for. Size does matter when it comes to cigars and flavor. Crazy how that works! If you get a chance to try these beautiful cigars do so, you will not regret it!

08/10/2019  -  Daniel F. from Bonne Terre, MO

#6 - Padron 1926 Series

Aficionados unanimously agree Padron 1926 Series is worth the hype. A premium blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos is aged for a minimum of eight years in an elegant variety of classic box-pressed gems. The critically acclaimed cigar is available in Natural and Maduro wrapper options.

"Consistent Greatness"

Padron 1926 Maduro is my favorite cigar. Always great. Strong but smooth. I have tried them all but the #1 and #2 torpedo, are the best. A great special occasion smoke!

05/25/2017  -  Peter H. from New York, BR

#7 - Arturo Fuente Anejo

Among the rarest and most-requested Fuente blends you can buy (when they’re in stock), Arturo Fuente Anejo is a celebrated Dominican classic, handmade with a distinctive Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper aged in a cognac barrel.

"AF Anejo"

First time smoking this cigar and I must say it’s the best cigar I have smoked. I’m not one to pick out all the different flavors but this one blew me away with all the different tastes. This is a super premium smoke and is close to perfection in all areas, construction, taste, smoke, perfect burn. All of this with a nice beautiful white ash. Also, thanks to Holt's again for their fast shipping and quality products. Highly recommend!!!

12/02/2019  -  Robert G. from Melrose, FL

#8 - Flor de las Antillas

The first ‘#1 Cigar of the Year’ title awarded to the Garcia family goes to the 96-rated Flor de las Antillas. The all-Nicaraguan recipe is finished in a lovely Sun Grown wrapper handmade in a collection of popular soft box-pressed formats.

"My favorite stick ever"

What can you say about Don Pepin Garcia and his masterpiece the Flor de las Antillas? This stick just continues to live up to its Cigar of the Year award in 2012. It is a complex cigar that moves from one nuance to the next effortlessly. It is smooth as silk with just the right amount of kick. I have smoked hundreds of these and have never encountered one that wasn't rolled to perfection and did not burn slow and evenly. I highly recommend this cigar you are doing yourself a disservice if you don't try it.

05/25/2019  -  Michael R. from Pensacola, FL

#9 - Oliva Serie V Melanio

Oliva officially joined the pantheon of premium cigars when Oliva Serie V Melanio scored 96 points and a ‘#1 Cigar of the Year’ title from Cigar Aficionado in 2014. Customers love to save big on this premium masterpiece when it’s in our weekly deal rotation.

"Cigar of the year, every year"

I've had two of these cigars in my life and both in the past two weeks. But, I can tell you it was probably the best cigar I've ever had. I don't get the leather, spice, cocoa, etc. tastes that other people pick up in cigars. To me it tastes like a cigar, and a damn good one. It's very smooth and full of flavor, and the aroma is great. In my opinion, this blows away most other high-priced cigars. This is my new go-to favorite. I just need to figure out how to tell my wife that my cigar budget has gone up because of this fantastic (but a little more pricey) cigar!

01/23/2020  -  Joe S. from Escondido, CA

#10 - Alec Bradley Family Blend

Alec Bradley Family Blend reflects peak flavor in a 94-rated profile that contributes heavily to the brand’s reputation as a great bargain. The medium-bodied blend of Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Indonesian tobaccos enjoys a steady stream of repeat buyers.

"Alec Bradley Family Blend D3"

I like this blend from Alec Bradley. Some sweet tea flavors a little licorice and spice. I tried a few sizes and like the CHUNKY little D3. Thanks Holt's for the great price on these.

04/09/2019  -  Keith B. from Las Vegas, NV

#11 - Montecristo

Few famous Cuban-legacy brands attract new cigar lovers with as much appeal as Montecristo. The cigar’s mild and creamy profile of nuts and coffee beans is finished in an authentic Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf.

"Montecristo Robusto Larga"

This cigar has a mild nutty flavor. An anytime cigar for smokers who let the cigar do the work. I love full-flavored cigars, but this one is my choice for a change of pace.

12/12/2018  -  Earl H. from Glasgow, KY

#12 - Bella Cuba

When it comes to inexpensive bundles, Bella Cuba rules the roost. Exceed your expectations for flavor and aroma from a consistent utility cigar you can easily pass out to your pals or puff on while you’re pushing the lawnmower around.

"My new favorite cigar!"

Mild yet flavorful, burns slowly and evenly, VERY satisfying smoke. I just bought 40 and will buy again!

08/02/2019  -  Robert M. from North Ridgeville, OH

#13 - Rocky Patel Renaissance

When the original Rocky Patel Renaissance was packaged in fancy boxes, prices started around $9.50 and up. Today, they go for as low as $2.49 apiece because they’ve been revamped and repackaged in ultra-affordable bundles. Choose the original blend, or try the Maduro, Habano, and Connecticut options, as well as super-cheap ‘RP’ Renaissance Fumas.

"Good cigar, packaged responsibly"

First off, there should be more cigars that you can purchase in a bundle vs. a box. Only had to split, remove cellophane and put in my humidor. The cigar itself is great and makes for a good leisurely smoke. Stays lit and burns even. Go Rocky!

05/27/2018  -  John K. from McKeesport, PA

#14 - Cain

Cain crosses new boundaries for bargain-priced cigars. The brand is handcrafted at the award-winning Oliva factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, and appeals to fans of peppery full-bodied profiles. A comprehensive collection includes six distinct blends in Habano, Maduro, and Connecticut-seed wrapper varietals.

"Great Smokes!"

Smoked Olivas in the past with pleasure. Thought that Cain was just another bargain line. Boy was I wrong. These smokes are great. Definitely adding to my go-to list.

10/06/2019  -  Tony M. from Port Hueneme, CA

#15 - Rocky Patel Short Run Limited Edition

Originally destined to enter the market at up to $30 per cigar, Rocky Patel temporarily shelved the project and shifted gears by releasing Rocky Patel Short Run Limited Edition as a top-shelf bundle blend for a big discount. Bargain hunters can save big on one of Rocky’s best-kept secrets.

"A great Rocky Patel cigar"

After reading the description, I had to try them. Smooth, lots of aroma, easy draw, all-in-all, a great cigar at a phenomenally low price. A credit to the Patel line!

10/23/2019  -  Dan L. from Sun City West, AZ

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