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Top 5 Unique Lighters for Cigars

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Shane K.

Bumming a light is for the birds, especially when you smoke cigars. If you have to touch up an uneven burn halfway through a cigar, you’ve got to ask to borrow a lighter all over again. Get your own lighter and be in control of your cigar-lighting destiny. Here are five functional and unique torch lighters for premium cigar lovers to consider.

1.  Xikar Tactical Triple Torch Lighter

A rugged grip and reliable trio of jet flames make the Xikar Tactical Triple Torch Lighter a desirable source of fire. Its abundant fuel tank means you won’t have to refill your lighter every five minutes, and an oversized flame adjuster expands and retracts the height of your angled jets with ease. Light your cigars with precision and enjoy Xikar’s lifetime product warranty today. The Tactical delivers plenty of bang for the buck at around $89.

2.  Jetline New York Triple Torch Lighter

For about $17, Jetline’s popular New York Triple Torch Lighter is hardly an expensive lighter choice. It’s also got a fairly basic-looking design. Why it gets a stellar endorsement from your pals at Holt’s, however, has to do with its durability and quality. A trio of red-hot jets from Jetline outperforms torches that cost five and six times more. I’ve witnessed aficionados put this Jetline through its paces over the course of four or five years, and it simply doesn’t quit. The design looks more like an impulse-buy at the checkout counter in a store. But, make no mistake, this lighter is a tank and its performance far outweigh its looks. You can’t afford not to toss one in your golf bag.

3.  Xikar HP3 Triple Torch Lighter 

Another sporty, well-made, and reliable model from Xikar is the HP3 Triple Torch Lighter. A seamless, pull-down ignition releases a concentrated blast of fire from three red-hot torch flames. The brand’s EZ-View window lets you know when your butane is getting low and its protective lid prevents lint and debris from clogging up your jets. Enjoy an unlimited number of cigars with Xikar’s lifetime warranty in an attractive, high-performance lighter for just under $90 today.

4.  ST Dupont Defi Extreme Torch Lighter

Sleek looks and an exclusive reputation for quality and performance set the ST Dupont Defi Extreme Torch Lighter apart – and its steeper price at just over $279. This high-end torch is designed to perform in extreme conditions, as cold as 14 degrees Fahrenheit and as hot as 104. Fire up at altitudes pushing 11,000 feet too. Adjusting the potent single jet flame is easy with an oversized wheel at the foot of the lighter. The Defi Extreme’s chassis is extra-sturdy, pocket friendly, and ergonomic. It’s an easy gift to impress your favorite cigar lover with, if you’re okay spending a little more dough.

5.  Lotus Duke-V Triple Torch Lighter

Cigar smokers love V-Cutters these days. The Lotus Duke-V Torch Lighter makes our list because it’s one of a very few cigar torches with V-Cutter integrated into the design. Plus, the antique finishes it comes in provide a vintage contrast to the lighter’s sporty look and feel. You also get an easy-to-read fuel-level window, flip-top lid, and a trio of potent jets for toasting your cigars. For about $62, Lotus offers an eye-catching lighter any connoisseur would treasure.

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