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How Long Does a Boveda Humidity Pack Last?

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Boveda has revolutionized cigar humidification over the past decade. The company’s patented two-way humidification pouches fulfill a variety of needs from temporary, short-term humidification while you’re traveling or saving up to buy a humidor, to longer-term scenarios where you may want to age cigars in your humidor at home. Boveda’s self-regulating humidification technology absorbs and releases moisture through a porous membrane to maintain a consistent level of relative humidity (RH).

Recommended humidity levels for storing cigars with Boveda packs include 62%, 65%, 69%, 72%, or 75% RH. Seasonality, climate, number of cigars, and personal preference determine which Boveda level is best for your collection.

Cigar lovers who rely on Boveda as their main humidification source often ask how long Boveda packs last. Because the company produces a wide range of humidity pouches for different applications, the answer varies. Boveda packs last anywhere from 2 months to 6 months depending on the size of the environment you’re humidifying, how many cigars you’re storing, and how many packs you’re using. To ensure your Boveda pouches last a long time and are effective until you replace them, follow these simple steps.

Replace Dry Packs

Even if you question the accuracy of your hygrometer, Boveda takes the guesswork out of humidification. Using Boveda packs is as easy as it gets when it comes to humidifying your cigars. Boveda packs are soft and pliable when you first remove them from the cellophane. They gradually release humidity which is absorbed by your cigars. As the humidity in a Boveda pack is depleted, the pack firms up. Boveda packs progressively reveal a beady texture before the edges stiffen up. The center of the pouch loses its cushion and feels more like cardboard. Simply discard stiff Boveda packs and replace them with fresh pouches.

Boveda Lasts Longer When You Use More Packs

One 60-gram Boveda pouch is recommended for every 25 cigars you’re storing. If you have 50 cigars, use two Boveda packs, for example. Boveda pouches last longer when you use multiple packs in tandem. Because Boveda packs are designed to deliver a consistent level of humidity, they will not over-humidify your cigars. However, don’t mix differing humidity levels.

Do Not Mix Packs with Different Humidity Levels

Although more Boveda packs of the same humidity level last for a longer duration, mixing pouches with different humidity levels is not recommended. Boveda packs with different humidity levels will work against one another. For example, if you combine a 65% pack with a 72% pack, they will draw humidity from one another.

Do Not Combine Boveda with Other Humidification Methods

A common misconception among Boveda users is to supplement other humidity sources, such as a traditional humidification device or humidification crystals or beads. Boveda packs are most effective on their own. A standard humidification device will absorb the humidity from a Boveda pouch, for example, if both are stored in the same environment. Use Boveda exclusively.

Store Cigars in a Sealed Environment with Boveda

Boveda pouches work in a number of environments, including Ziploc bags, Tupperware, coolers, travel cases, and traditional humidors. However, the lifespan of a Boveda pouch is drastically reduced in an unsealed environment. If the humidity has a place to escape, it will dissipate at a faster pace, especially in drier desert climates or a home heated during the winter months. Make sure the humidor or environment where you keep your cigars has an effective seal to encapsulate the humidity and maximize the life of your Boveda packs.

Do Not Recharge Boveda

Boveda does not recommend recharging humidity packs, even though there are aficionados who try to reuse them after they’ve dried out. While you can recharge other humidification solutions, such as Heartfelt beads, there are many advantages to using Boveda versus Heartfelt beads. Recharging Boveda packs does not guarantee you will retain the RH level they originally delivered. Also, the salt crystalizes in a Boveda pack as it dries, which can tear through the membrane and damage your cigars when you attempt to rehumidify spent packs. The biggest advantage to using Boveda packs is their no-fuss, maintenance-free humidification process. Attempting to recharge dried-out packs is time-consuming and messy. We recommend starting fresh with new packs when the old ones expire. Plus, Boveda packs are biodegradable, so there’s no guilt in tossing the old ones out and replacing them. 

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