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What to Do When Your Humidor's Humidity Is Too High

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We all know dry cigars are bad, but over-humidified cigars can be equally problematic. If you recently refilled your humidification device, it’s not uncommon for the humidity level to spike temporarily. But your humidity level should return to normal after a week. It’s best to avoid a prolonged period of high humidity, or your cigars won’t burn evenly, and you can even run the risk of cigar mold. Invest in a digital hygrometer and calibrate it so you can accurately monitor your humidity level.

How Much Humidity Is Too High?

The best conditions for storing cigars are 70% RH (relative humidity) and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If your humidor is leaky and lacks a tight seal, storing your cigars at a higher humidity of 72% RH or 75% RH may be called for to compensate for the continual loss of moisture your humidor is allowing. However, a good humidor with a reliable seal will maintain a consistent humidity and storing your cigars over 72% RH can invite problems.

Steps to Lower the Humidity

If your humidor is too wet, follow these steps to bring it back into equilibrium.

  1. Remove your humidification source.
  2. Allow it to sit out for a few hours or overnight, depending on how saturated it is.
  3. If your cigars are too moist, remove them from the humidor and dry-box them – store them in an empty wooden cigar box – for a day or two. The empty box will help to remove excess moisture from your cigars but in a gradual way that won’t shock them.
  4. Leave your humidor open a crack by sticking a pen or a pencil under the lid to allow the excess humidity time to dissipate gradually without shocking the wood.
  5. When the humidity has returned to a normal level (65-70% RH), return the humidification source and your cigars to the humidor.
  6. To avoid over-humidifying your cigars in the future, recharge the humidifier less aggressively and less frequently.

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