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How to Make a Humidor Out of Tupperware: Tupperdor

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A tupperdor is a Tupperware container that’s been converted to store cigars like a humidor. Cigars need to be stored at 70% RH (relative humidity) and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Like coolidor or coolerdor, tupperdor is a term made up by cigar lovers who’ve discovered non-traditional DIY methods for storing cigars. A tupperdor is a convenient and affordable alternative to keep your cigars fresh if you don’t have a humidor or if you’ve run out of space in the one you have. If you’re traveling, a tupperdor is a secure and fresh way to pack cigars in your suitcase. And, if you plan to store flavored cigars, keep them separate from your non-flavored blends with a tupperdor. Here’s everything you need to know about setting up a tupperdor.

Tupperdor vs. Humidor

The biggest difference between a tupperdor and a traditional humidor is the materials they’re made from. Most humidors are made from cedar or hardwoods with a cedar lining. Cedar encourages cigars to age well. Because Tupperware is made from plastic, a tupperdor is a more sterile environment, but you can outfit the interior with cedar sheets or dividers to mimic the advantages a traditional humidor offers. A tupperdor is a cheap, low-maintenance way to store cigars compared to the expense of a traditional humidor and the time required to season it.

How to Make a Tupperdor

Setting up a tupperdor to store cigars is similar to preparing a coolerdor, but it takes less time because you’re humidifying a smaller space. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose a container that’s bigger than what you need. It’s wise to leave about 20-25% of the space in your tupperdor empty so that humidity can circulate around the cigars. While Tupperware is a brand itself, there are dozens of alternatives today. Sistema, Komax, and Rubbermaid are just a few. Choose a container with an airtight lid, or humidity will escape.
  2. Buy a new tupperdor. While it’s tempting to grab a food storage container that’s been taking up space in a kitchen cabinet, buy a new one instead. It’s never a good idea to store your cigars in an environment that was previously used to store food or other substances. Wash out your tupperdor with soap and water and dry it thoroughly before you put your cigars in.
  3. Add a humidification source. Most cigar lovers simply use humidity packs in their tupperdors. They’re ideal because they deliver self-regulating two-way humidification, which is ideal in an airtight environment like a plastic container or Ziploc bag. Humidity packs last 2-6 months depending on how many cigars you’re storing. One pouch is sufficient for 25 cigars.
  4. Get a hygrometer to monitor your humidity. Even though a tupperdor requires little maintenance, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your humidity levels with a hygrometer.
  5. Cedar sheets or dividers create a fragrant environment similar to a traditional humidor if you plan to store cigars in your tupperdor for long periods of time. The cedar sheets that come in most boxes of premium cigars work great when you want to separate layers or rows of cigars in your tupperdor. Always leave gaps between your dividers for humidity to circulate.
  6. Unseal the lid every few weeks. Because plastic isn’t porous, remove the lid and allow your cigars to air out every few weeks. Rotate your cigars like you would in a traditional cedar box by moving the top row to the bottom and vice versa.
  7. Store your tupperdor out of direct light. Because a tupperdor is transparent, keep it out of the sunlight. Excess light fades the wrappers on your cigars, raises the temperature inside the container, and can deplete your humidity at an accelerated pace.

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