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Heading into fall sends a chill up the spine when we’re confronted with smoking in cold weather. If you don’t have a warm and cozy man cave in your castle and a spouse who’s cool with cigars, you’ll need plane tickets to a sunny destination to smoke for the next several months. But before you pitch a fit and pack your bags, think about pitching a tent – a cigar smoking tent. Some tents are rugged and basic, but others are stacked with amenities these days, or you can easily add them.

A good tent is an affordable and easy solution if building your own smoking lounge isn’t in the cards right now. You don’t have to ban cigars for six months just because smoking indoors isn’t allowed at home. Arnold Schwarzenegger conducted official state business from his cigar-friendly tent when he was governor of California, all because he couldn’t smoke inside. Grow a beard, get fitted for a flannel shirt, and shop for a tent you can put up in the backyard for smoking cigars no matter what the temperature is. Here are a few to consider.

Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak Outfitter Tent ($800 - $1400)

If you’re a diehard outdoorsman, you can survive on the wild frontier inside a Cabela’s Ultimate Alaknak Outfitter Tent. Expect extreme protection from the elements when you’re roosting in the official tent of the NRA. This tough and rugged tent can be unfolded and set up in about an hour. Rigid perimeter poles prevent the sides from bowing out, while ventilation panels and windows provide plenty of fresh air while keeping condensation at bay. Built-in cupholders and a zip-open panel on the floor, for placing a stove safely, allow for creature comforts in the confines of a durable domain. The Ultimate Alaknak has been around for over 20 years and comes in 10’x10’, 12’x12’, and 12’x20’ dimensions.

Zeus Cigar Tent ($849)

The Zeus Thermal Cigar Smoking Shelter is a custom, handmade outdoor smoking solution designed by a cigar smoker for cigar smokers. The Zeus is portable and made to order with vents for smoke to escape and windows to let light in. With room for up 5 or 6 cigar smokers to comfortably puff away, you won’t have to smoke alone outside. A drawstring pouch stores an extension cord, ethernet cable, or propane hose without leaving gaps that cause heat loss. Four large vents at the top allow smoke to escape and can be secured flat to prevent rain from getting in. The heavy-duty, waterproof PVC-rolled floor offers the ultimate protection against ground water and snow to maintain a dry interior. Six oversized stakes anchor the structure into the ground with nylon straps and carabiners for maximum stability. When anchored properly, Zeus can withstand 50-60 mph winds, and its super-fast setup takes all of ten minutes. Leave it up all winter long.

Tentsmiths Tents (Made to Order)

If you want to rough it the way they did 500 years ago, you can practically time travel sitting inside a Tentsmiths tent. New England-based company Tentsmiths manufactures a wide array of canvas tents and tarps based on Medieval, 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th century eras to make your tent stand out. Accommodate large groups in a Round End Marquee or get cozier inside a Conical Tent. Dozens of high-quality, period-specific designs can be outfitted with vents and mud flaps, and they can be customized for height and width. Each tent is handmade to reflect historical accuracy. You can smoke cigars the same way Ulysses S. Grant did during the Civil War. Tentsmiths tents are fire resistant, weather resistant, and stitched from heavy-duty, high-quality canvas. You can even add accessories like oilskin bags, steel stakes, and tarred bank line to complete the experience.

Resort Cabanas (Made to Order)

If you’re looking for something simpler to prop up by your swimming pool or on the beach, Resort Cabanas has plenty of options designed to shade you from drizzle or direct sunlight while allowing the breeze to gently lift the aroma of your cigar into the air. Choose a custom configuration in the Cancun, Tuscan, and Pacifica models. Resort Cabanas can be outfitted with track and carrier curtains in striped and solid fabrics to create an atmosphere of festivity and intimacy. Despite their elegant looks, they can tolerate 115-180 mph winds. Mount a plate at the center of the ceiling to add a ceiling fan, or mount a plate to the side for anchoring a flatscreen. Flame-retardant fabrics are available.

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