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Blenders Clearing House Staff Review

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Grant T.

Nothing compares to winning a sweepstakes when you’re as frugal as I am, and the Blenders Clearing House franchise is stuffed with prizes blended and priced to please penny-pinching aficionados like yours truly. Today, I’m smoking a silky 6-by-50 Toro from Blenders Clearing House in the hopes your coolerdor one day brims with untold fortunes as mine does.

Who doesn’t dream of answering the doorbell only to find Ed McMahon on the front step with a multi-million-dollar check, as big as the hood of a Buick, under his arm? “Oh, those sweepstakes are just scams,” I’m sure you’re thinking. That’s what I thought until I smoked a Blenders Clearing House. Not only can I afford to buy more than enough bundles to satisfy a lifetime of copious cigar consumption, but I’ve saved so much dough, I’ve got a Corvette in my garage. Why splurge on overpriced premiums, just because they come in a box, when scrumptious 20-count bundles of Blenders Clearing House can be had for pennies on the dollar? Allow me to explain.

Blenders Clearing House cigars hail from a prestigious small-batch cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, and they’re blended and hand-rolled from one-hundred-percent premium long-filler tobaccos before they’re aged and wrapped in shimmering cellophane sleeves you can scoop up for a total steal. Blenders Clearing House cigars were created for finicky connoisseurs who demand elite quality, flavor, and aroma despite adhering to the budget of a hobo. Sound like somebody you know?

You’ve got two unique wrappers to choose from, too – a golden-blond Connecticut Shade (Natural) and an oily Sumatra (Maduro). I’m smoking the Connecticut Shade Toro today, and inside it lies a bountiful core of vintage Dominican and Nicaraguan long-fillers matured for peak smoothness. When you slice open a fresh batch, creamy aromas of cedar and coffee bean infuse the nostrils with a hint of maple syrup and pepper. The wrapper is seamless, and the cap slips off with laser-like precision when the blades of my Savoy cutter clamp down on the head.

Of course, I smoke cigars for the taste over and above all, but what excites me most is smoking a cheap cigar that’s every bit as good as one that costs ten times more. Guys who run around in Ferragamo loafers unsuspectingly ask me for caviar recommendations if a whiff of my Blenders Clearing House drifts in their vicinity – Scout’s honor. Luscious notes of cedar, sweet cereal, and spice create a convincing profile in the first few puffs.  

Blenders Clearing House cigars aren’t overly complex, but they’re also completely non-offensive. That’s because the wrapper, binder, and filler tobaccos are fermented and aged for eons. Delicate notes of oak, white pepper, and crème brûlée mingle with an easygoing foundation of coffee bean and assorted nuts. Dare I say I detect marzipan? Yes, a hint of it. Blenders Clearing House possesses a plethora of hallmarks you only get from an authentic Connecticut Shade wrapper.

Forty minutes in, I’ve tapped the ash just a few times, and each revealed a stable, even burn at the foot. Eagerly, I peel off the band, fully prepared to devour the nub, and in doing so, I’m treated to fifteen more minutes of pure pleasure before a long velvety finish bathes my taste buds.

As one of the most beloved bundles in our sprawling humidified warehouse, Blenders Clearing House cigars are much more than utility yard ‘gars. They’re on par with a number of top-rated premiums I can’t name here. Add a bundle to your next order forthwith! But you don’t have to rely solely on my miserly advice. You could get through War and Peace faster than the pages of glowing customer reviews Blenders Clearing House have wracked up.

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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