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Rocky Patel Mulligans Clubhouse Select Staff Review

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Grant T.

I’ve got more golf ‘gars in my coolerdor than most folks with a country club membership, even though I don’t even own a set of clubs. Truth is, you’ll probably never catch me on a golf course unless I’m tracking a deer that’s wandered onto the greens. The good news is you don’t have to like golf to like golf ‘gars. Not only do I like golf ‘gars, but I’m especially fond of discounts. That’s why I’m smoking one of the top-selling golf ‘gars in our entire warehouse for today’s review: Rocky Patel Mulligans Clubhouse Select, and I’m firing up a 6-by-50 Toro called the Slice.

As the bona fide bundle specialist at Holt’s, I’ve researched, reviewed, and devoured more bundles than the ten biggest spending curmudgeons in our entire database combined. Reporting my honest appraisal of the best and cheapest cigars is a mission that comes naturally to me because I turn around and buy up the cigars that pass my stringent litmus test for taste, quality, and price when I’m done reviewing them.

Let’s toast the foot of a fresh Slice from a bundle of Rocky Patel Mulligans Clubhouse Select and find out how the self-proclaimed ‘King of the $3 Golf ‘Gar,’ Rocky Patel, can possibly slip past my demanding cigar barometer yet again. You see, I’ve reviewed plenty ‘RP’ Mulligans cigars in the past, including Masters Collection, Caddy’s Choice, and Calcutta – and in every case, I’ve been darn near flabbergasted by how Rocky can blend and produce such amazing specimens and sell them at the kind of mind-bending discounts you’re more likely to find at a flea market or an outlet mall than a premium cigar shop.

Visually, Mulligans Clubhouse Select cigars from Rocky Patel come in elegant, light-blue cigar bands with navy and gold accents. Underneath, a dark-blond Connecticut Shade wrapper leaf glistens over a creamy amalgam of Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler tobaccos. The Slice is a solid fifty-minute cigar. When I slip the cellophane off, clip the cap, and start pulling air through it, Clubhouse indicates an approachable, velvety smoke is headed my way before I’ve lit it up. Cold notes of vanilla, oak, and café con leche lend a lovely impression. I’m anticipating a mild cigar I can smoke any time of the day.

Once my flame hits the foot, a luscious sequence of cereal and graham cracker notes oozes over my palate with malty texture and hints of white cocoa powder. Ultra-smooth streams of silky white smoke trail off, leaving an even, stable ash on the foot of the cigar. The Slice shows an original MSRP of $15 per cigar, but you can buy them for $3.74 apiece. How can Rocky cut the prices on these premiums so aggressively? It defies reason.

After fifteen minutes of smoking the Slice, I’ve tapped the ash off a single time. Clubhouse Select is the ultimate cigar for golfers. It’s well made and mellow, so you won’t have a problem keeping it lit outside nor will you get overwhelmed with a cigar that’s loaded with too much nicotine. Subtle hints of pepper, coconut, and chai latte materialize as the second half gets underway. Clubhouse Select arouses my olfactory sense like my wife’s perfume when I retrohale the cigar’s soft and succulent aroma.

By the time I’m down to the nub, Clubhouse Select is nutty and sweet and exhibits its most complex flavor. It’s a pinch-worthy finish, friends – and a complete steal, considering you’re getting a stellar smoke for the price of a cup of coffee. Because Rocky Patel Mulligans cigars don’t come in boxes, you’re saving big bucks. And Rocky isn’t afraid to experiment with some of his rarest tobaccos in this budget-friendly franchise. In my humble opinion, Clubhouse Select deserves the pedestal I’m putting it on, with a 92-point score. You won’t find a comparable cigar with an authentic Connecticut Shade wrapper at this price. Grab a 20-count bundle posthaste!

Until next time, long ashes to you!


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