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Best Hygrometers for a Humidor

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Shane K.

If you’ve been dialing the Psychic Network to monitor the humidity in your humidor, we’ve got a better method in mind: invest in a good hygrometer. Take the guesswork out of humidifying your cigars. They’re an investment and you never want to reach for a premium blend you’ve been saving for a special occasion only to find it’s dried out or overly spongy because your hygrometer can’t produce an accurate reading.

Choosing the best humidor to suit your needs is half the battle, but making sure your humidity and temperature stay in the range of 70% RH and 70 degrees consistently is critical to keeping your cigars fresh. Many humidors that come with a hygrometer include a simple analog gauge with a needle. Although analog hygrometers look classy, they need to be calibrated frequently and can deliver less precise humidity readings than digital models which take a watch battery. Decide on the best hygrometer for your humidor from our recommendations below.

Savoy Digital Hygrometer - $26.99

The Savoy Digital Hygrometer is simple, compact, and affordable. Why overcomplicate humidification? An easy-to-read, lightweight digital display mounts inside the lid of your humidor with a magnet you can fasten in place without taking up much space. You can also track the minimum and maximum fluctuations in temperature and humidity to better monitor your humidor’s consistency.


Shop Savoy Digital Hygrometers

Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer - $19.95

The Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometer is basic and reliable. The accuracy of your readings is guaranteed within +/- 2% relative humidity. You can choose Fahrenheit or Celsius measurements for temperature. The circular gauge is light and can be mounted anywhere inside your humidor. There’s little to debate when you’re in search of a straightforward, hassle-free hygrometer.


Shop Humi-Care Round Digital Hygrometers

Boveda Butler - $29.95

Technologically savvy cigar lovers get a kick out of the innovative on-demand capability the Boveda Butler offers. The Butler comes with Boveda’s One-Step Calibration Kit to ensure the most precise readings. Affix the Butler to the inside lid of your humidor or set it anywhere inside the box. Download the Boveda App to your smartphone and enjoy unrestricted access to your humidor’s humidity levels and temperature whenever you want to check the conditions. An added benefit is that you can check your readings without opening the lid to your humidor, which allows humidity to escape.

You can also set thresholds for the temperature and humidity levels inside your humidor and receive notifications to your phone when they are breached. You will also know if anyone has opened the lid. Gather hourly, daily, and monthly humidity and temperature readings to analyze the optimal conditions for your cigars and know what adjustments to make based on seasonal fluctuations, for example. If you’re using Boveda Humidity Packs, you can also set the Butler to send you a notification to reorder new packs. And, if you have more than one humidor, you can manage up to 5 Butlers from one smartphone.


Shop Boveda Butler

Cigar Oasis Plus Humidifier - $129.95

The Cigar Oasis Plus Humidifier is ideal for the connoisseur with a bigger space to humidify. The Oasis Plus accommodates larger enclosures, coolerdors, and cabinet-style humidors that can hold multiple boxes. Humidify up to 10 cubic feet of space or roughly 1000 individual cigars. Because the Oasis Plus is a humidification device with a built-in hygrometer, a two-in-one approach sets it apart.

A large water reservoir prevents unwanted splashing with its aggressive interior foam which has been pretreated for mold prevention. An easy-to-read LCD screen displays temperature and humidity levels. A big advantage of the Oasis Plus is its quiet and powerful fan which provides an even distribution of humidity – critical for larger humidors. Tailor your humidity to your preferred levels. The Oasis is preset to achieve 70% RH but can easily be adjusted. You can also control the unit remotely from your smartphone. Although it’s a touch pricier, the Oasis Plus delivers long-term, consistent humidity control with minimal maintenance.


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