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Top 5 Rocky Patel Bundles

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Shane K.

Rocky Patel is one of the most accessible cigar-makers you’ll encounter. Always in the spotlight, Rocky attends tons of events throughout the year at retail cigar shops to meet fans of his brand in person. They love getting boxes of top-rated cigars like Rocky Patel Decade, Rocky Patel 20th Anniversary Maduro, his esteemed ‘RP’ Vintage series, and more autographed by the man himself.

Among the top Rocky Patel cigars you can buy, there are plenty of affordable bundles to choose from too. Because Rocky is always working on a new brand, blend, or limited edition project, he is considered a prolific cigar-maker. But, he never leaves a great recipe on the shelf. He insists on delivering his legendary taste and aroma to the masses around the clock. That’s why his bestselling cigars actually come in bundles. You can’t smoke the boxes, folks! Bundles are a less expensive and more efficient way to crank out countless new cigars at the lowest prices possible. Let’s tour the most popular Rocky Patel bundles available today.

#1 - Rocky Patel Renaissance

When Rocky Patel Renaissance debuted, the brand scored a 90-point rating in Cigar Aficionado and it was originally packaged in sleek wooden boxes. Today, the same mouthwatering blend is delivered in a growing portfolio of wrapper options wrapped up in budget-friendly bundles.

Every variety is handmade in Honduras. The original Rocky Patel Renaissance comes in an Ecuador Sumatra wrapper, but Ecuador Connecticut, Habano, and Maduro editions are available as well. Or, if you simply need some utility cigars for raking leaves or mowing the grass, Rocky Patel Renaissance Fumas feature a Cuban-sandwich blend in multiple wrappers at rock-bottom prices. Start off with the original Renaissance for a profile of toasted nuts, leather, cedar, and spices in a collection of well-made shapes.

Strength: Medium
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra

Rocky Patel Renaissance

#2 - Rocky Patel Mulligans

Rocky Patel Mulligans is the ultimate proving ground for many of Rocky’s newest projects, as well as a retirement community for popular Rocky cigars that have been taken off the national stage. When Rocky needs room in his warehouse for the next ten or twenty new cigars he’s debuting, he transfers a ton of inventory into his beloved Mulligans franchise. Top-notch Rocky cigars are buttoned up in colorful bundles at the biggest discounts allowed by law.

Explore a virtual cigar nirvana in the ‘RP’ Mulligans franchise, including the ultra-rich Masters Collection, the mild and creamy Clubhouse Select, the wildly popular Nub-shaped series called Rocky Patel Mulligans Groundhog, as well as a barber-pole cigar, a ginormous 80-ring-gauge shape, and even a Candela. Stay well under budget with Caddy’s Choice if you need to buy a bundle or two for your pals on poker night. The best place to begin is the original ‘RP’ Mulligans blend for classic Rocky tasting notes of coffee beans, wood, and fresh pepper without breaking the bank.

Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra

Rocky Patel Mulligans

#3 - Rocky Patel Short Run Limited Edition

One of Rocky’s most secretive projects to date got benched for a bit due to his obsession with perfecting the blend. But that didn’t stop Rocky from eventually unleashing this top-shelf gem in a collection of classic shapes dubbed Rocky Patel Short Run Limited Edition. A jaw-dropping profile of espresso beans, almonds, and cedar culminates with a hearty zest thanks to a rare blend of ultra-mature premium tobaccos. Save massively on an exclusive Rocky cigar that was originally destined to sell for up to $30 per cigar.

Strength: Medium-Full
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: San Andres Oscuro

Rocky Patel Short Run Limited Edition

#4 - Rocky Patel Black Label

A sweet and spicy profile of Nicaraguan long-fillers lies beneath an oily Maduro wrapper in a trio of shapes in Rocky Patel Black Label. A full-bodied, full-flavored profile of black currant, ripened figs, dark roast espresso, and pepper layers the palate from beginning to end. Score a rare and well-reviewed small-batch bundle from Rocky at prices well below MSRP.

Strength: Medium
Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatra

Rocky Patel Black Label

#5 - Rocky Patel The Edge 2nds

Stockpile a top-selling Rocky blend at outlet mall prices with Rocky Patel The Edge 2nds. Five traditional shapes feature Corojo, Maduro, and Habano wrapper options in a potent, full-bodied smoke. The Edge 2nds have been a best-kept secret for years. They’re really the same exact ‘RP’ The Edge cigars you’ve come to know and love – except, they may possess a slight cosmetic imperfection or two. As a result, they’re wrapped up in glistening 15-count bundles before the price gets slashed.

Strength: Full
Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Varies

Rocky Patel The Edge 2nds

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