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What Are Wood Tip Cigars

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Wood tip cigars are thin machine-made cigars with a wooden tip affixed to the end of the cigar that you put in your mouth. The wooden tip prevents the moisture in your mouth from saturating the cigar. Fans of machine-made cigars prefer the wooden tip because its less messy.

Are Wood Tip Cigars Flavored?

Wood tip cigars stand in stark contrast to traditional premium cigars. First, they’re made by machine as opposed to by hand. Second, most are flavored with artificial oils and sweeteners which are not found in any premium cigars. Third, wood tip cigars are manufactured with cheap, chopped-up homogenized tobaccos that are processed more like cigarettes. Inexpensive machine-made cigars are more commonly found in convenience stores and gas stations than in premium cigar retailers. When consumers refer to “gas station cigars,” they’re talking about machine-made cigars like Black & Mild; White Owl, and Swisher Sweets.

Pipe Tobacco and Wood Tip Cigars

Black & Mild is among the most popular wood tip cigars. The mass market brand has been around for decades and can be found at nearly every major gas station chain and 7-Eleven from coast to coast. Black & Mild cigars are made from a homogenized mixture of black Cavendish, Burley, and Virginia tobaccos, common in pipe tobacco blends. The cigars are sweet in flavor and aroma. Blackstone is another machine-made brand known for its use of pipe tobaccos, though the cigars are made with a plastic tip instead of wood.

Premium Cigar Alternatives

If you were introduced to cigars with a cheaper machine-made brand but you’d like to try a premium handmade cigar with an approximate sweetness, there are plenty of options available. The best-known is Acid, which is made by a Drew Estate. The Acid portfolio includes several infused blends created through a proprietary process where the tobaccos are exposed to botanical oils and herbal extracts at the factory. The exotic taste of bestsellers like Acid Kuba Kuba has made the brand very popular with fans of flavored cigars.

If you like coffee-flavored cigars, Drew Estate also produces Java, Java Latte, Java Mint, and Java Red for Rocky Patel. Nub Nuance is a series of short fat cigars with sweet espresso and cappuccino-infused profiles. Bourbon, cherry, vanilla, and Irish cream flavors are blended in the popular CAO Flavours line.

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