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Accessories Series: Best Cigar Lighters

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Owning a reliable cigar lighter that looks cool and feels great in your hand is a must, even if you only enjoy the occasional cigar. Properly lighting your cigar ensures it will burn evenly and smoothly and, as a consequence, it will taste better. At the very least, we hope your cigar won’t flake into an unpleasant blizzard of embers that beg to ignite your cologne-soaked shirt. Nonetheless, there is a tremendous variety of great lighters to choose from these days. The selection is always growing and evolving as the best cigar lighter brands continue to embrace technology and apply more innovation in their designs. Cigar lighters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, models, and prices. Some come free with a box of cigars and some cost more than a mortgage payment. What gives, you’re wondering?

In one sense, cigar lighters are like jackets. We’ve all owned a sporty leather bomber for carousing with pals on Saturday night, or a long trench-coat for an important business meeting. Who can ignore the iconic resurgence of the members-only look? Whether you’re an all-buttoned-up, no-nonsense type or a hearty, flannel-laden lumberjack there’s a lighter that will get the job done without fail on your terms.

Cigar lighters are fabricated in a number of directions, from lightweight materials that elegantly conform to the contours of your palm to bigger, beefier designs that require a forklift to pick up off the table in your man cave. Cheapo knock-arounds are great for the golf course and won’t cause a panic if your buddy accidentally drops it in a pond or pockets it all the way back to Minnesota after visiting for the weekend. Certain fancy soft flames can fit in at any black-tie affair and are sure to score you some points when scurrying across the room to light up a Lancero for a young lady you’ve had your eye on.

Cigar lighters fascinate gadget nerds and open the floodgates for establishing a collection of sorts. For many cigar fiends, there is a good reason for owning more than one lighter, besides occasion or whether you need to take it snorkeling. Here’s a few salt-of-the-earth buying tips followed by a list of some of our current favorite cigar lighters.

What to Look for in a Cigar Lighter: Tips for Buying

Shopping for cigar lighters is a little like shopping for a new car: Read some reviews. Give each one a test drive if you can, comparison shop, and ultimately go with the one that fires up the fastest and feels the best in your hand. Get a cigar lighter that delivers the kind of experience that makes you point a thumb at your chest in front of the mirror when you’re asking yourself, “who looks the coolest lighting up a cigar?”

When Size Matters

If you like to smoke big, fat, chunkified cigars that hover around a 60-ring gauge and up, a torch is for you, my friend. But you may not want to stop at “a,” as in “a single,” torch. Try a double, triple, or quad-jet on for size to guarantee maximum toasting of the foot of your next cigar in a matter of seconds, no matter how fat it is. We’ve even got some Bunsen-burner style torches if you’re agile enough to keep the flame out of the curtains and away from your eyebrows.

When Location Matters

If you’re a professional mountain-climber or you simply possess a stratospheric self-image, consider a high-altitude edition from Blazer or the Xikar Stratosphere II Torch. Lightweight, but rugged, these models integrate convenient snap-on caps that keep sand and moisture at bay when you’re scaling a peak or camping out in the sticks. Temperature and barometric pressure impact the way fuel is distributed from a cigar lighter and certain models overcome the elements better than others. A see-through tank is always great so you know how much juice you’ve got left before the sun goes down and you’re suddenly forced to rely on striking half-soaked paper matches to get that campfire going. Plus, no expedition is complete without the chance to enjoy one last fine cigar before a bear gets to you. We can’t guarantee it’ll work parachuting out of a plane, but you get the gist.

Little Features That Make a Big Difference

Some seemingly small details go into the best cigar lighters. Sound engineering and attention to detail provide a seamless light and longevity in a lighter’s performance.

  • Fans of ergonomics often love single-action ignition, or lighters that fire up with the minimal amount of fuss. Plus, no one likes to accidentally incinerate a finger or thumb because the flame is angled in an uncomfortable direction.
  • A retractable lid is ideal for keeping your jets free of pocket lint when your lighter is tucked in your pants or breast pocket. Lint can clog your jets and slow the delivery of butane lessening the impact the flame delivers.
  • A fuel indicator or window that allows you to see how much gas you’ve got in the tank is great when you want to avoid groveling to your stingy pals for a charity spark. Nothing puts a damper on a herf or a ‘gar on-the-go like running out of fuel just when your mouth starts to water for a tasty smoke.

Regardless of your budget, we’ve got a nice selection of great cigar lighters to accommodate your next smoking occasion. Here’s a handful of models that routinely perform at the top of our sales charts:

Quality on a Budget: Jetline New York Triple Torch Lighter

If you’re looking for top-notch quality at a palatable price, Jetline is a top-selling brand that belongs on your radar. Choose from a nice selection of single and multi-jet models and seamlessly light your next smoke on demand. Keep a Jetline in your glove box, golf bag, and one down in the man cave thanks to the brand’s easygoing prices. Jetline makes a reliable variety of pocket-friendly models, as well as tabletop torches that include handy features like a flip-out punch cutter and an easy-to-adjust flame-height wheel.

Midline & Multi-Featured: Xikar Element Double Torch Lighter

If you’re looking for a lighter that’s straight-up sporty and well-designed, Xikar sets a benchmark for versatility and innovation. Among the brand’s most popular models, the Element Double Torch delivers a potent flame in a single-action, dual-jet design with a flip-out punch. Xikar is well-known for hosting a number of convenient design integrations, including a see-through fuel window and an oversized flame adjuster. Plus, the brand’s unlimited lifetime warranty only increases the curb appeal.

High-End Reputation at a More Affordable Price Point: ST Dupont Maxi Jet

Illustrious, top-shelf maker of cigar accessories ST Dupont has long been celebrated for designing the kind of opulent lighters, like the Ligne 2 (which can run upwards of a grand or more apiece) that guarantee to create a bewildered state of envy should one of your pals manage to brandish such a prized specimen in your presence. However, the brand has also branched out into a handful of popular torch lighters, such as the Maxi Jet, which are available at much more palatable prices, starting out around $150. Not only does Maxi Jet get you into an exclusive brand at the ground floor price, but the model has become an icon in its own right, with a sleek, simple sidebar ignition, ultra-clean, ergonomic design and a host of vivid finishes. If Ferrari made an entry level street eater that you didn’t need to be a millionaire to own, it would the Maxi Jet.

Tabletop Torch Utility Player: Xikar Volta Table Top Quad Torch Lighter

When you want a bigger, beefier tabletop lighter that serves as a beacon beckoning your pals to light up from the center of a coffee table in your man cave, try the Xikar Volta on for size. Four simmering jets deliver a potent flame that deploys seamlessly with the simple, squeeze of the Volta’s prominent push-button ignition. The innovative aperture opens when the flame is activated and securely retracts to keep the jets free from dust and debris. Easily adjust your flame height with the ratcheting dial at the bottom. The brand’s unrivaled lifetime warranty applies.

The Pinnacle of Excellence: Fuente Fuente Opus X ST Dupont Ligne 2

Should your cigar lighter budget permit extravagance, the ST Dupont Ligne 2 is sure to impress. It’s a soft flame lighter crafted to perfection utilizing the highest quality materials. There are other high-end offerings to consider, but the Ligne 2 is truly the Rolls Royce of cigar lighters. A beauty to behold in the hand and a treasure for the eyes, the Fuente Fuente Opus X Ligne 2 reveals a rich gleaming finish trimmed in luxe palladium and Chinese lacquer crafted to perfection with the iconic Opus X insignia. A dulcet ping sounds as you flip the lid, while a finely tuned roller bar requires only a gentle flick of your thumb to ignite the flint and fire up your favorite cigar. Whether you want to own the best, or present a fellow cigar aficionado with an unmatched, opulent gift, Ligne 2 lighters are a symbol of high refinery. An indulgence that will last for years and likely achieve heirloom status among your stable of cigar lighters, ST Dupont delivers a classic design guaranteed to command top dollar at the pawn shop, should you ever fall on hard times.

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